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  1. Hi, the included file jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js does not work really well with jquery-3.1.1, throwing errors and stops working if you try to activate Navigation Show navigation prev next in the modules admin. To get it working change inside jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js $(window).load(function to $(window).on("load",function and search for .live (you'll find 2 instances), change them to .on et voila works without errors next previous working too. Best regards Christoph
  2. Hi, I'm simply clueless now. And you do use the standard email feature? Have you checked if the customer gets an order confirmation with the attributes for products he/she ordered? This would be the part for the order confirmation emails sent to admin: // send emails to other people if (SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO != '') { tep_mail('', SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO, EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email_order, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); } Best regards Christoph
  3. Hi, no not spontaneously, sorry, but it works flawlessly for me maybe you ask in the support thread for QTPro? It depends strongly on which version of edge you install and which pages are modularized or not. And all the required modules have to be installed. Best regards Christoph
  4. Hi, how about Best regards Christoph
  5. Hi, was just looking through the old support thread and also through the comments that I found for updated versions. This seems to have been a problem from beginning with this addon. But it's not clear to me if it has ever been solved. This looks like it might have: Imprint 1.3.2 (bugfix from 1.3.1) but on the other hand the last entry to the thread is "Has anyone fixed the single item error? ie adding another product with another text? which overwrites the first ?" Best regards Christoph
  6. Hi, there should be //------insert customer choosen option eof ---- in checkout_process.php which marks the end of the relevant part for getting attributes stored with the order and also mailed with the confirmation. So this about 12 lines or so above (tablename might look like TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES in your version) tep_db_perform('orders_products_attributes', $sql_data_array); works. but this just a few lines above //------insert customer choosen option eof ---- $products_ordered_attributes .= "\n\t" . $attributes_values['products_options_name'] . ' ' . $attributes_values['products_options_values_name']; doesn't. How does that line look on your side? best regards Christoph
  7. Hi, no this is just a new line for email formatting. But if you look into your orders on the admin side you see the orders with attributes? Did you or anyone change the checkout_process.php file? Because as I said it is built in by default no need to activate in anyway. Best regards Christoph
  8. Hi, what version of oscommerce do you use, because I can't remember of any that would not include products attributes in the confirmation email. Have a look in catalog/checkout_process.php, look for $products_ordered .= in that line there should be also $products_ordered_attributes. Best regards Christoph
  9. Hi, this is done by QTPro inside a column added to orders_products (I think for restocking of cancelled orders) in its own format looking like 1-444,2-9 (option-option_value, option-option_value). QTPro or any stock function for attributes should become core anyway for obvious reasons. Best regards Christoph
  10. A coupon addon.. what about inbuilt specials? That should allow percentage discounts if I recall correctly because I prefer to use instead which does. Best regards Christoph
  11. Hi, if you are on BS alllows to restrict percent discount on selected products. Best regards Christoph
  12. This might be all dumb questions: So are you running your Osc installations on a Windows server? Can you get php to throw (show) errors? Or if you simply try to look at the source code of blank pages is there delivered anything? Best regards Christoph
  13. Hi, after a backup you could try to remove the new products and category manually via phpmyadmin from db but it's not very likely that this will help. Have you looked at the permissions of files/folders via ftp as you said you couldn't upload images anymore? What did you mean with that? Best regards Christoph
  14. Hi, how about this: and this might be interesting also if you want to keep stock of your colors and sizes: Best regards Christoph
  15. This is along with Ship In Cart BS on the shopping cart in Dan Coles screenshot - from the install instructions: If you want to use the new shopping cart module feature you have to download and install the following two addons: - Modular Shopping Cart Add-On: - Ship In Cart BS reloaded: If you just want to use the discount code function without the module feature in the shopping cart then skip this step and the *OPTIONAL upload of the module files from this package. Best regards Christoph