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  1. Hi, in cm_in_product_listing.php I changed the select to select distinct to avoid double appearances of products that were linked to different subcategories. What do you think a good idea in general? Best regards Christoph
  2. Hi, additional htaccess protection is to be set under configuration->administrators. You'd have to tick "Protect With htaccess/htpasswd" and keep in mind the advice displayed there in case of problems. Best regards Christoph
  3. That is one to much - but If you don't mind to try it again another way, I'm sorry this was a long time ago when I did just the same thing to display sold out in product listing an I seem to have remembered wrong. So please revert your index.php as it was before. And the in product_listing: case 'PRODUCT_LIST_BUY_NOW': $productsold_query = tep_db_query("select products_quantity from products where products_id = '" . $listing['products_id'] . "'"); $productsold = tep_db_fetch_array($productsold_query); if ($productsold ['products_quantity'] > 0) { But what John posted might be even better. Best regards Christoph
  4. Yes I did. The problem is that products_quantity does not get fetched from DB by $listing_sql query, so the if statement won't work. You are working on /includes/modules/product_listing.php - but and sorry that I forgot to mention - the change has to be done to every $listing_sql = "select " in /index.php as a prerequisite for product_listing.php. Best regards Christoph
  5. Ok, then you still have to get p.products_quantity in to every $listing_sql = "select " for example: $listing_sql = "select " . $select_column_list . " p.products_id,(....)p.products_tax_class_id, p.products_quantity. Best regards Christoph
  6. Hi, what is meant by $prod_list_grid? And you will have to add to all $listing_sql= p.products_quantity. If you are using BS Edge you should try Best regards Christoph
  7. Hi, first you'have to add a new tax zone under admin Locations / Taxes taxzones, name it to your liking, klick on the new folder there you can add countries and states, the first options should be all countries and states. Then you go to tax classes and add a new one. Then tax rates select your tax class and your zone and enter your 8%. Best regards Christoph
  8. As I tried to tell you there are massive code changes necessary to accomplish what you want to get. Its not about to get paid or not, its a question about the path oscommerce has taken: Away from more and more core code changes with which you'd might have ended up with a confusing mess of conflicting snippets - To an untouched core with installable plugins or apps (like wordpress) you name it. This has its own limitations but its the right way to go. I myself am (was) really not happy with the abundance of DB table definitions for example but you need to get used to it if you want to use BS edge. And if you'd followed a lot of threads here like me I can't see anything like "make a commercial request first" here, but I think your attitude that I receive as "I'm not interested in the new concept, just get this working for me" does not motivate anyone to help. And still there is no law forbidding to touch the core but you should know what you are doing and be grateful if someone jumps in to help you there. I already told you what to do If you want that but you don't even bothered. Best regards Christoph
  9. No, what I meant: In the .zip you find this directory NewFiles\admin\includes\languages\english. Make a copy of that one, rename it to whatever your language is and upload. And regarding the english.php Just copy the changes that have been made there to danish.php which my guess would be only: define('BOX_CATALOG_CATEGORIES_EASIER_ATTRIBUTES', 'Easier Attributes'); Best regards Christoph
  10. Hi, I always like to collapse... things. So let's say we have two boxes on the left: categories and information. I want categories to be collapsed when browsing through my info pages and the other way around. First thing to do your catalog/includes/modules/boxes/example.php add global $PHP_SELF to function execute - example: function execute() { global $oscTemplate, $languages_id, $cPath_array, $datas, $PHP_SELF; Then you'd have to alter the correspondent template file in e.g. catalog/includes/modules/boxes/templates/example.php <div class="panel panel-default"> <?php if (basename($PHP_SELF) != 'example.php') { //This collapses example if not on example.php the logic can be used the other way around if (basename($PHP_SELF) == 'some_other.php') // collapes if not on defined other some_other.php || even_another.php and so on.. ?> <div class="panel-heading" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#example" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="example"><span role="button"><?php echo MODULE_BOXES_EXAMPLE_BOX_TITLE; ?></span></div> <div class="panel-body collapse" id="example"> <?php echo $datas; ?></div> <?php } else { ?> <div class="panel-heading gradient"><?php echo MODULE_BOXES_EXAMPLE_BOX_TITLE; ?></div> <div class="panel-body ContentBody"><?php echo $datas; ?></div> <?php } ?> </div> "example" should be exchanged then for the actual box files that should collapse or not. Best regards Christoph
  11. What I always do first if there are no language files for my language (at least for testing) in an app, I just copy the (english) language folder and rename it to the one I use. Getting the correct language defs is then a secondary task. Best regards Christoph
  12. Well at least two things come to my mind you shouldn't have to ask for, just because they would have been oblivious by looking at the code of BS edge master: There are no file definitions anymore and there are no DB tables definitions anymore. Those might have been reducing your questions to zero. So as an example: CODE define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT', 'create_account.php'); Change it to: CODE define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT', 'shipping_details.php'); This won't work anymore you'd have to find any file linking or calling to 'create_account.php' and change there to 'shipping_details.php' Best regards Christoph
  13. Hi, if you hover over the remove button how does the link there look? Example: https://notasite.nix/shopping_cart.php?products_id=47283{1}100{2}294&action=remove_product Best regards Christoph
  14. Hi gregba, and then it would be better to get the htaccess protection working again: by inserting again what you deleted from .htaccess and then from the admin add a new htaccess protection. If a new .htpasswd_oscommerce is not created, I guess it should, edit your renamed .htpasswd_oscommerce with a text editor by emptying it and rename it to its original name. It is neither a good idea to have no .htaccess protection nor to have the standard /admin subdirectory name for administration. Best regards Christoph
  15. Hi Patrick, well not so easy, as the new_products is meant as module to include or not - and about_us is a stand alone page. What you could try is to copy the language defines that are used in about_us to the language file for index.php. Then you could try to add in place of the the include <div class="contentContainer"> <div class="contentText"> echo TEXT_INFORMATION; (or whatever is the defined text for about_us) </div></div> That would be the most primitive way of hacking it in. Take a look at oscommerce bootstrap edge, there are content modules which can be switched on and off. And if its a new store don't waste your time with outdated versions, start with BS edge! Best regards Christoph