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  1. Z06BAIT

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Anyone? This would definitely increase sales in a major way IMO.
  2. Z06BAIT


    Anyone? This would be a great feature to increase sales!
  3. Can someone port this to osCommerce? This would save valuable real estate by removing other Social Network infobox mods out there. http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=2849 Basically the icons are greyed out until you hover over it. The icons also float so they stay in the same position as you scroll up or down.
  4. Z06BAIT

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Hey thanks for that. Are you able to make it to do this? http://www.bdsklep.pl/ Looks like he has a generic image and when you click on it, it actually takes you to a category, not a product. I think that would be a more effective seller HAVE AN IMAGE OF AN APPLE, DISCUSSING ABOUT IT WITH SOME TEXT AND BE ABLE TO CLICK IT TO TAKE YOU TO THE APPLE CATEGORIES.
  5. Is there a mod for this? Or would someone port it to osCommerce? Here is an example. www.COMPCams.com You can set a link to the actual product when you click it and it'll take you there. You can set it for certain categories so i.e. You can put up a picture of FLOWERS and click on it and it will take you to the FLOWERS category. Here it is for Zen Cart. http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149391
  6. Z06BAIT


    Thanks Chris but doesn't this hack require the customer to enter a coupon code? Because we sell multiple products from multiple manufacturers so using this wouldn't work as we wouldn't want a discount to apply store wide, only just a certain manufacturer. So right now we're using the SPECIALS BY CATEGORY v2.2 hack which allows you to enter a percentage or dollar amount discount for an entire manufacturers line but it doesn't affect the attribute pricing.
  7. I cannot find it anywhere nor any topics pertaining to this. I like to discount our items by 10% or whatever. Some products have an option like colors that has a price of an additional XXX dollar amount. When I enter discount for the item, shouldn't the option be discounted also? i.e. ITEM IS $10 OPTIONS ARE - NONE, RED - $5.00, GREEN - $5.00 Shouldn't the options be discounted too? I would think. Is there a contrib for this?
  8. Just curious as to what everyone is using. For instate residents: those living in the state but not in the county or city I need to add the state sales tax 2.9 those living in the state and county but not the city I need to add the state and county sales tax. 2.9 and 2.2 = 5.1 those living in the state, county and city I need to add the state, county and city sales tax, 2.9, 2.2 and 3 = 8.1 Any suggetions on the easiest hack to use would be great. What I need to do is add 2.9 for our state then 2.2 for our county and then be able to input 3 for all the zip codes in our town. I would think this would be the easiest solution unless anyone has a better idea. TIA.
  9. We ship products for free but on ocaasion we have products that must go truck freight and additional shipping charges will incurr but that charge is unknown. here is a suggestion on a mod if someone wants to make it. on the product page, the admin can click a button that will be for "additaion freight", nothing more. so when the customer goes to the product page, there will be a truck icon SOMEWHERE and they will click that truck icon and a window will pop up stating "this item does not ship for free, customer service will call you with frieght cahrges when your order is received" or soemthing of that nature, make it user changeable.
  10. Z06BAIT


    There are a couple. In opinion which is the best that you use. Im having a hard time choosing. TIA
  11. http://www.buycarfloormats.com/lloyds-embroidered-floor-mats-p-1.html It allows you to enter the year first then model then etcetc
  12. Z06BAIT

    Random Header Image HELP

    So was I a special case or should your current instructions work for others or do they need to do what I just did?