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  1. daz_75

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    hi there, i've currently got 1.03a installed of this contrib and i've noticed google base gives me a couple of errors in the config file when i upload it. Guess they have changed the format a bit, i have 2000 items but only 2 of them have errors. I was wondering if it's worth the effort to upgrade to the latest version just for a couple of errors, is it easy to upgrade? I haven't got loads of time, and the instructions don't really say much about upgrading, any input apprecitated. THanks Daz
  2. daz_75

    Links Manager II

    glad the missus didn't see that site
  3. daz_75

    Links Manager II

    can i see this in operation on someone website please, i just want to check it's what i want before installing it. Thanks Daz
  4. Hi Sufalot, I think i've asked you this question before and i don't think you found a fix for it at the time. I've had this contrib installed for a while with no problems, i've just been shipping to the UK. I now want to ship abroad but when i log in as a dummy user from, let say Germany, i get the following error. Any ideas, sorry if it's been fixed somewhere in this thread already Daz
  5. :'( Oh well, guess i'll have to remove it, thanks anyway
  6. checked it against the default one and that part of the code is identical. There are some things that aren't in my current file compared to a new one, but i guess they are for something else
  7. just noticed this doesn't work with international customers, works fine for uk though. Any ideas what this error below is? The code on line 42 is in bold below // Parse the data used in the html tags to ensure the tags will not break function tep_parse_input_field_data($data, $parse) { return strtr(trim($data), $parse); } function tep_output_string($string, $translate = false, $protected = false) { if ($protected == true) { [b] return htmlspecialchars($string);[/b] } else { if ($translate == false) { return tep_parse_input_field_data($string, array('"' => '"')); } else { return tep_parse_input_field_data($string, $translate); } } }
  8. ok mate no worries, wish i'd get updates to threads i subscribe to :'( Here is what i mean Not exactly a big problem as the user should be smart enough to pick on of the correct postage option, i just think it looks a bit crap
  9. Excellent contrib, thanks. Is there anyway to get it to automatically pick the best price, as the shipping cart does, rather than just picking the last one you had selected? Also, when one of the shipping option is selected that can't be selected (if you get what i mean) it displays a shipping price of -50p anyway to stop that happening? Thanks Daz
  10. daz_75

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    OK mate, thanks for the reply, i've done that :thumbsup:
  11. daz_75

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    me again, sorry I've just noticed another problem. If i go to a category without any specials it doesn't show anything as expected. But if i pick a manufacturer from the drop down list it displays specials even if that company has non Daz
  12. daz_75

    Bundled products

    thanks for the reply, ive fixed that now. Next problem :'( I add a item with the drop down list, it appears, i put yes in the "set bundles" field and click preview>save. I look at the item on the shop and it doesn't show the new item and just says This product contains the following items: Cost of separate parts: ?0.00 You save ?-3.99 Any ideas?
  13. daz_75

    Bundled products

    ok ignore that, dodgy cut and pasting :blush: What exactly am i supposed to do next. The bundles option is at the bottom of my but when i select a product from the drop down list it shows as unidetifed, any ideas?
  14. daz_75

    Bundled products

    Hi, I've just tried to install this but get the following errors. When trying to view a product i get this and in admin when trying to view a product i get this Any ideas? Thanks Darren
  15. daz_75

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    thanks for that, works like a charm :thumbsup: