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  1. Is there any comprehensive documentation for this, or just the help files once it's installed?


    Does this contribution include:


    1. Amazon-style affiliate links that pass the affiliate code in the referring URL

    2. A "referrer code" input for manual user entry of an affiliate code


    Documentation is very limited. To my knowledge, it is limited to what ships with the package.


    I am not familiar with Amazon style links, but I believe the answer to both questions is yes. The URL structure is very simple. It can be customized by the affiliate quite simply.




  2. I am not sure what you mean? In my Apple browser, it looks as if it is rendered perfectly. What objects are not aligned? I can help you out.





    Please can someone assist me.


    I have installed oscaffiliate, but the page does not align correctly.

    My store is located at http://iland.co.za


    To see what the affiliate script is doing to the pages, goto http://iland.co.za/affiliate_signup.php


    Until I get this sorted, I am not going to add the links via the colum_left.php


    Any suggestions people? This is getting to me big time now!

  3. Thanks, it works!


    Are there any other quick "fixings" that you think i should do before announcing the affiliate program?


    You're welcome. If I recall correctly, some quotes have to be added to the file that displays the product ids in a popup in the link builder module. Just test every link thoroughly, and you'll see what I mean.


    I'm sorry, but I just haven't had the time to make a list of all the changes I made. :(





  4. Hi All,


    During install and QA of version 2.7, i have encountered a problem with the Welcome email that the system is sending to the affiliate: all the individual information- ID, NAME, USER NAME etc. is lacking and the instead it shows:



    The 2.7 version of the affiliate module has A LOT of typos in it. I have fixed all of them (I think).


    I have uploaded my fix to the confirmation email here:



    For this fix to work, you MUST turn html emailing on in your control panel.


    This is for the English version. I trust you know which file goes into the store folder and which one into includes/languages/english


    I hope to upload all my fixes to the system as soon as I have the chance, which may be a while from now.





  5. I would like to have this, also, as I experience the same problem frequently.



    Is there a contrib that I can install to see what's in a customers cart before they checkout?


    Why? Well I've received some credit card payments, but no check out seams to have been made, so would like to see if its still in their cart.


    I have 'orders in holding' installed which gives me an indication of what's been through the cart, but doesn't actually confirm anything is still in the cart!


    Thanks in advance :)

  6. Hi,


    We are selling mp3 files through our online store, and I cannot quite figure out how to use google checkout to sell our stuff. I have successfully integrated this level 1 module


    into our store, but this module fails to trigger the OSC download mechanism because it bypasses it altogether.


    Is there another google checkout contribution that does this?


    Is it possible to sell digital merchandise with google checkout & OSC at all?


    Thanks in advance.



  7. Hello everyone,


    No matter what I try, I cannot get the 2checkout payment module to work. I have my own SSL certificate, I have followed Alex Seto's instructions for module 2.1 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,904, but I still get "wrong parameters" error from 2checkout. Strangely enough, the first time I tested a payment with 2checkout ,it went through, but now it simply refuses no matter what I try.


    If you are managing to work with 2checkout, can you please tell me which module you used, and what additional mods you had to make, if any.


    Thank you very much.

  8. I am just starting with OSC and 2checkout also. I am so far in testing mode, however. This could be the reason why my order actually goes through 2checkout, but nothing happens in OSC. I am wondering if things change once I go to production, but I am here gathering info before I do go into production.


    Perhaps you have to manually enter your catalog items into your 2checkout account. That's what I gathered from the new 2checkout setup, which is tempting me to go with someone else.




    I have installed OSCommerce and chose 2checkout as payment method, most of the things are working fine, but when I make a payment using 2checkout, the order does not get added to the OSC database, only Cash on Delivery does. I can see the orders made with 2checkout on 2checkout panel, but not on OSCommerce Administration Panel. What can I do so that payments appear on both 2checkout and oscommerce.