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  1. hello chemo, the Promlem of the ?,?,? one could solve perfect in seo_cache.php. ;-) However we have a larger problem! We have so far 36,800 URL with google.. http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q=site%3...p.aubu.de&meta= And all this URL look so out in principle. http://www.shop.aubu.de/catalog/product_in...roducts_id/3441 But this left always leads on those product not found - site http://www.shop.aubu.de/catalog/audi-a4-st...761-p-3441.html Do you have a solution for the problem??? Thank you for the assistance Boergi
  2. Rear one chemo, excuses please my bad (Google) English!!!! Your Contrip is really ingeniously - large radix complement!!! I (or we from the German linguistic area) would have however still another request!! Is it possible to change also the letters?? ? = ae ? = oe ? = ue ? = ss then really last all perfect. Thanks - Boergi Like: http://www.mydomain.de/catalog/dachtr%E4ger-bmw-c-22_54.html to http://www.mydomain.de/catalog/dachtraeger-bmw-c-22_54.html
  3. Perfect - this modul is realy great !!!!!!! Perfect - and 1.000.000 Thanks...... ;-) After 24 h, you wait a long time for the html-Site.... ;-) - But is OK for 5.000 Pageviews...... Problems: nothing.... For the future: (Ups - my english is to bad... ;-( ) Thanks Boergi
  4. Apology!!!!! I wrote somewhat wrongly. The error always exists!!!! If the customer a bought coupon automatic or if it must be redeem by the Admin still manually. In both cases it receives a coupon without tax. ################################### If the coupon is bought, then the "Taxman" already receives the tax with the sales of the coupon. If this coupon is then redeemed, the "Taxman" receives only the tax for the balance. If the customers gift gets a coupon of the "Admin", the coupon must be also inclusive steering wheel, since this coupon is to be regarded then as discount. I hope the Uebersetztung (Alta Vista) am so good that one can understand it. Greeting Boergi
  5. Yes - however the Gift-Voucher is like a credit note. And if one against-counts a credit note against a Bill, also the TAX is against-counted!!! Boergi
  6. Thanks for the answer. Please excuse - I am not at my computer, therefore I cannot examine all data exactly. FIRST problem: If the customer a "GIFT-Voucher" is released to 11 purchase, and this automatically over $ 10 + $ 1 (10%TAX) = $, then he receives also a "poison Voucher" over $ 11!!! This is correct according to my opinion. If the customer is released however a "poison Voucher" over $ 10 + $ 1 (10%TAX) = $ to 11 purchase, and this duch the Admin, then he receives only a "poison Voucher" over $ 10!!! This is wrong according to my opinion. The problem is, which is handled different it!!!!!! To the tax: 10% Tax is accepted: Customer buys to commodity (GIFT-Voucher) for $ 10 + $ 1 TAX = 11$ completely customer should GIFT-Voucher over $ 11 it $ 10 + $ 1 TAX = 11$ paid received there. If the customer buys now late commodity (CD Player) for $100 + $10 TAX = 110$ complete, and he (poison Voucher) over $ 10 + $ 1 TAX = 11$ redeems. It must pay only $ 90 + $ 9 TAX = 99$ . Like that it is correct according to my opinion!!!! If we however from the other case proceed. Customer buys to commodity (GIFT-Voucher) for $ 10 + $ 1 TAX = 11$ completely receives the customer only a GIFT-Voucher over $ 10 + $ 0 TAX = 10$ paid. If the customer buys now late commodity (CD Player) for $100 + $10 TAX = 110$ complete, and he (GIFT-Voucher) over $ 10 + $ 0 TAX = 10$ redeems. It must pay $ 90 + $ 9 TAX = 100$ . The customer must pay around the TAX of the GIFT-Voucher more.....; -) Problem is however the different handling..... otherwise could one something trixen surely. Love of greetings Boergi Sorry for my bad english..... ;-((((
  7. Rear Ian, thanks for the fast answer. I wait in large hope for the answer. If this small error is repaired, I can use the ADD-on. Thanks Boergi for the future: If a customer buys something with a coupon, and thus with a purchase order value of 116,00$, (with 16% TAX) redeems a coupon over 116,00$, then the calculation sum is 0.00$!!! Logically!!! BUT The TAX is still indicated of 16,00$ in checkout_confirmation.php. Perhaps one can solve later.....
  8. Rear Ian, thank you for your E-Mail - and the new version. The ADD-on is really super.... I have of the verse. 3.0 to 3.2 updates..... thus only replaces the 2 files Unfortunately with me the TAX is still computed wrongly!!! If a customer buys a coupon over 10,00$ (inclusive 16% TAX), and this "redeem" becomes automatic, then everything functions!!!!!! If a customer buys a coupon over 10,00$ (inclusive 16% TAX), and this in the Admin (Gift Voucher queue)"redeem" becomes, then only one amount is credited of 8,62$!! Perhaps point does you assistance??? Thank you for the assistance Boergi
  9. Hello, I search a Addon, which permits one payment means for individual manufacturers only. That is, normally the customer can pay it the manner of payment by CC, cod and bill, if he orders in addition, only one article of the manufacturer XY, is cc and cod to be only indicated. Here does someone have already an IDEA??? Thanks vor your Help - and sorry for my english.... Boergi
  10. 1. Der GV ist wirklich absolut Super-Genial...... vielen vielen herzlichen Dank... einfach Spitze Leider tritt bei mir das Problem auch auf.... Liebe Gr??e Boergi (alias Christian Burger)