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  1. Hi, After installing CC Gift Voucher 5.03 I have found that the taxes and shipping don't always get calculated and show up in the checkout confirmation area. For some products they show up, for others they don't. Is anyone else having this problem? If this is a bug in v5.03, how might I fix it? Or is there some settings in the admin area that I should be looking at? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Here's what we have: Sub-Total: 1 Discount Coupons: 2 Shipping: 3 Tax: 4 Total: 5 Here's an example order total output: Sub-Total: $165.00 Discount Coupon: test: $16.50 Shipping Costs (Fedex): $5.00 8% PST + 7% GST: $24.75 Total: $178.25 Problem 1 - Taxes are only applied to Sub-Total and not after Discount Coupon is applied Problem 2 - Total is off Here's what we have flagged in Modules - Discount Coupon: Display Total : True Sort Order: 2 Include Shipping: False Include Tax: False Re-calculate Tax: True Any ideas? THanks, Jason
  3. Hi, My problem with the CC Gift Voucher module is that the tax is being applied to subtotal before the coupon discount. That means the tax is being calculated on the subtotal before any amount has been subtracted from it. The taxes, however, should be applied to subtotal after coupon discount, meaning it should be calculated on the new lesser subtotal amount. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Do I have to install 5.04 to fix it? I'd rather not have to if it's a simple code change. Thank you. Jason