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  1. redg8r

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Im looking for a contrib to use OSC as a checkout/payment center for my auctions. I sell alot of clothes & allowing bidders a choice of colors & sizes would help alot, especially since ebay has cracked down on what they call "choice auctions" this makes us have to list every color & size as a separate auction. The OSC option attributes would make choosing a snap & run off of accurate inventory, that way i wont have to subtract stock from my store everytime I sell one on auction. Bidders could use paypal, check/mo & CC modules to pay with accurate shipping & also have a chance to get your OSC store more exposure. Ive purchased from many ebay sellers who already have this implemented in thier cart software, so I know its doable & these sellers are smaller businesses & likely dont have [paid] access to the ebay API. Just thinking out loud ;)
  2. Man I must be missing something.... First, for those successful at implementing....... Did you use the 2.1 contrib for MS2 update alone, or did you upgrade from a previous contrib version? I have tried & tried on a fresh MS2 install, but this contrib doesnt exist as far as I can see. I even used Beyond Compare as Jeremy described. My Attributes section of the admin looks no different than before. I did try & load admin/stock.php in the browser & was given a syntax error: ==================== near 'and products_attributes.options_id=products_options.products_op ==================== by the response in the forum, Its obvious that this is a much needed feature, however the lack of documentation or any real explanation of how this contrib works has me very confused. If anyone has successfully implemented qtpro 2.1 on a fresh MS2 install, I would love some basic insight. Looks like most of the documentation was on the authors site & is now gone. Thanks
  3. What about 2 different zipcodes?? How are you calculating UPS shipping costs from your dropshipper (DSP)?
  4. Theoretically its what your looking for, however I just went through the effort of installing this contribution into the 2.2 stable & found it wasnt compatible, even though its listed in the contributions as 2.2 compliant. From the looks of the board, quite a few have asked for info about it, but with no replies, its probably not being updated/supported. Good luck
  5. redg8r

    Virtual Mall update going on

    Agreed, Love the possibilities here. Ive installed the them mod (as of 7/03) on a fresh install of 2.2 & all works until inserting an image from the stores.php Error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_uploaded_file() in /home/yaddah/public_html/catalog/admin/stores.php on line 56 all code in stores.php looks good, could there be a change in the tep functions? Thanks again, looking forward to this contribution.
  6. Hi, I've seen a version of oscommerce that performed like a mall, where users could register to sell product on one site running oscommerce has any similar contribution been released? If not, I'm interested in helping to modify the existing code, if anyones interested. I'm a little rusty on the core database, so if anyone has any ideas, would love to hear about it. thanks