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  1. I'm having same problem with $templatedir. Does anyone know where is the problem or bug?
  2. Hello, Anyone have payment module for Or somebody can help me write payment module for this merchant? Thanks, Advance...
  3. Hi everyone, I have installed contrib (LinkPoint API),4255 And it work good, but with one error! When I trying buy something and ammount > 1000$ I got error: SGS-020003 : Invalid XML If total amount less than 1000$ (as example 999$ ) I don't got any errors. I'm confused and don't know why I got this error. Pls help me who know cause of this error! Thanks advance
  4. Hi all! I can't find contribution what I need pls somebody help me! Here is requirements: I need product description with possible links to manufacturer’s docs and specifications. We would need some way to modify all product paged in bulk at the same time. For example if we’ll need to add the same link to all our product pages, or to add one more description field to all products! Thanks advance,