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  1. codenexus

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Send the code changes up for the "remove facility" and I'll test for you. :) CodeNexus
  2. codenexus

    Registry Contribution (Support Thread)

    OK the latest file in the contribution (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1226) is all over the place. Seems to be fixing things that either are already fixed or not needing fixing. Especially with the addslashes. Also the instructions are terrible. The filenames are missing for half of them. Also seems to be written half for MS1 not the latest MS2. Could someone who knows how this contribution works package up a good set of instructions please. I couldn't get anywhere near close to installing it. It would be great to see this one tidied up as it looks like a good contrib. :thumbsup:
  3. codenexus

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Thanks for the fantastic contrib!!! Really helped me out. :D Problem that I don't know if it related to ASP or not. I use dev area to make changes and test them and before taking ASP live into a site I noticed an odd quirk. I would normally load in test products (using EasyPopulate) and play around with it then remove them. Repeat, and rinse... :-" However I've noticed that it now removes images on the products. I used to just delete the products and it would leave the images in the images folder there. Saves me heaps of time having to load the images time and time again. Is there some change that occurs or a feature (read:bug) that ASP has fixed in OSC that now removes the images with the product? Even if it isn't related to ASP does anyone know of a way to make sure the images aren't deleted anyway?