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  1. xtremelyfit

    Newletter HTML, appearance ...etc.

    I see you're in Kennesaw - I'm in Covington - I appreciate your help - maybe I can return the favor sometime
  2. xtremelyfit

    Newletter HTML, appearance ...etc.

    This last one did it. thanks again
  3. xtremelyfit

    Newletter HTML, appearance ...etc.

    Thanks for the quick response. I have all the appropriate HTML formatting and when I send the newsletter it shows up fine in the email I open up in Outlook Express, but in the one that I open up in my free Yahoo mail account all the html tags are visible. Yahoo says that's because the sender did not properly indicate that the message should be treated as html. Do you know where in the newsletter module I would make that indication?
  4. xtremelyfit

    Newletter HTML, appearance ...etc.

    I used your code and it helped to get rid of the html code appearing in the email, but it doesn't retain the spacing and other formatting that is there in the newsletter preview screen. Any thing else I should be doing?