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  1. I am really confused and hoping someone can shed some light on my problem(s). I logged into my admin area and selected to have PayPal Modules installed, ie. PayPal Website Payments Pro (US) Direct Payments & PayPal Express Checkout. Then when I went through the checkout process my page checkout_payment.php does not show any payment options. I thought maybe the problem was elsewhere so I went back to the admin and enabled pay by check, cash on delivery, and credit card. When I went back to the page checkout_confirmation.php and refreshed, those payment options were there, but NOT PayPal. Can someone tell me what I'm missing? Thanks. Tom
  2. thall89553

    Credit Card with CVV2 Version v2.2RC2a

    I went through the twenty steps to install this add on but am confused in that I do not see a CVV form field on my checkout_payment.php page. I see the name, card number, expiration month & year, BUT NO CVV field. Also, I see these lines of code put out a form field and some text, but where can I modify what is being put out? Is this "$selection[$i]['fields'][$j]['title']" a fucntion call? for ($j=0, $n2=sizeof($selection[$i]['fields']); $j<$n2; $j++) { echo $selection[$i]['fields'][$j]['title']; echo $selection[$i]['fields'][$j]['field']; } Thanks. Tom
  3. thall89553

    Ultimate SEOs Question Please

    Jack, Thanks so much. When you write "available here", are you referring to the OScommerce contribtuion section in general? I visited your site and must really compliment you. You really achieved what I am striving to do with my site. In looking at it I noticed you integrated a forum into your site in such a way that it has a fixed width. I want to do the same on this site - www.santarosatrans.com Where did you get that forum and was a lot of work to get it narrowed down as you did? Thanks Jack.
  4. Greetings, I am nearing the launch of my website and in the process of development have modified a lot of code, most of which is that putting out html on the index.php and product_info.php pages. I am attempting to figure out what is available for making my site more search engine friendly and came across the module "Ultimate SEOs". Is this a tried and tested module that I should attempt to use? In the forum it seems the author of the module got banned from this forum so that makes me wonder a bit in the first place. Seconly, what is the absolute latest version of this module and where do I grab it? Thanks so much. Tom