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    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    I noticed that the SALES TAX didn't seem to be showing up in the export (quickbooks_export_orders.php). I know nothing about Quickbooks so I am not sure exactly what AUTOSTAX is (Seems like it tells Quickbooks to Auto calculate the tax based on the Taxable flag.) Anyway I looked at the export files and the sales tax section was hard coded for $transaction_detail_amount = 0. Again I assume because AUTOSTAX was set in the file? If I am correct in this guess...does Quickbooks use a flat rate somewhere to auto calculate? I don't see the actual TAX RATE exported in the export. I modified the export to actually calculate the sales tax per item in the prior loop (at line 148) for products: $sales_tax .= ($order->products[$i]['qty'] * $order->products[$i]['price'])*($order->products[$i]['tax']/100); Comments or info on the AUTOSTAX would be appreciated! Thanks!