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  1. I installed the contrib on fresh OSC MS2.2. All works Ok except for one thing: The contrib allows for the input of text in the second text box within the admin console, but it doesn't present itself on the front-end from a customer/shoppers perspective.... You have any idea about this? Thanks
  2. Ccucu

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Thanks, but I fixed it myself... it was a problem back when I posted it...
  3. Hi. I just installed this contrib, but have a BIG problem.. .Create account page is empty.. I followed the steps, corrected all bugs you posted here, but still this page is blank.. you have any idea why is it? here is the actual page: http://www.emhosting.co.uk/create_account.php Thanks
  4. Ccucu

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Hi. I've installed make an offer v3.0. All went fine, but on product page I see no offer button and offer doesn't seem to have any effect. Here is the page with a product: http://www.oscweb.hostultra.com/portal/sho...?products_id=43 Please tell me what to do.. thanks