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  1. Christine, Don't you also have to choose a filter with either the bailed carts or successful checkouts? Do you know what kind of referrals those customers came in from and did you try entering in one of those wildcards?
  2. Mark, Thanks for the reply. The file name is correct and it was uploaded in ASCII format. I was looking through the geoip.inc file and couldn't see the reference to GeoIP.dat to see how it's being called there. Do you know what file line that reference is on? I'm also wondering if I downloaded the correct GeoIP.dat file from MaxMind. Do you know the exact URL of the download page I should be on to grab the file (although, again, I did end up getting a file which is named GeoIP.dat)
  3. I installed this mod a few days ago in my store which is not yet linked to the general public from my main site but which I've been testing at its URL on the web. Anyway, it looks like supertracker was working fine for me (I can see the data in my admin area), but I sent the store URL to someone for a different reason and they let me know they see this error: Fatal error: error traversing database - perhaps it is corrupt? in .../public_html/store/catalog/includes/geoip.inc on line 416 Which leads me to believe it's related to the geoip program which I loaded for this mod. Is there something that I probably need to do to correct this important fatal error (which again, I realize, is not fully related to this mod)
  4. Did you ever figure this problem out? I'm having the exact same problem occur when trying to install the mod. I did notice in the catalog/includes/classes/order.php file the instructions indicated that $order_query = tep_db_query("select customers_name.... also had a field called comments which was not the case in my order.php file. I added the fedex_track_num, ups_track_num, usps_track_num fields but not the comments field and am wondering if that's being called up somewhere else?