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  1. If you look at the posted attached image, on the left side is all the text and links for the admin console.
  2. OK, I realized that I had not downloaded the full version of this contrib. I uploaded the products_attributes.php file from the contrib to my server. Everything is working fine except that my products_attributes.php is messed up in how it displays.
  3. I have 2.3.1 install. I am trying to get this contrib to work but have a problem. I am getting the following error: PHP Fatal error: Class 'splitPageResults' not found in html/shop/admin/products_attributes.php on line 280 <td colspan="3" class="smallText" align="right"> <?php $options = "select * from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " where language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' order by products_options_id"; $options_split = new splitPageResults($option_page, MAX_ROW_LISTS_OPTIONS, $options, $options_query_numrows); echo $options_split->display_links($options_query_numrows, MAX_ROW_LISTS_OPTIONS, MAX_DISPLAY_PAGE_LINKS, $option_page, 'value_page=' . $value_page . '&attribute_page=' . $attribute_page, 'option_page'); ?> Any idea of what the problem could be? BTW in the install instructions for this contrib it says the following: There is no fileset included in the contrib. It would be nice to have an edited products_attributes.php file.
  4. Hi newtech,

    Don't know if you ever found the solution, but I have it. Check out this link and see if it's what your looking for. If so, contact me and I can set you up.



  5. newtech

    donations contribution

    Here is a solution in regards to a donation contrib. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/366795-donation-feature-or-contribution/
  6. newtech

    Donation feature or contribution

    I want to say that I paid 'Burt' to obtain the charity contrib and it is working great after Burt doing some fine tuning for my specific store.
  7. newtech

    Donation feature or contribution

    Paying is fine if affordable. I understand. So what is the cost? What is the cost if it is fine tuned (not sure if it is possible). I have three causes so I would like three causees they could donate to. They could choose to enter an amount to 1 or all 3 of the causes. BTW. Yes charities and non-profits make money. But some like ours, barely make it. I donate tons and tons of hours, personal finances, etc. to keep ours running because the people we reach out to have nothing. I do not get paid for what I do. We give out free books on our site with suggested donations. Almost everyone gets them for free when I know some could pay. So I do know what it is like to give and give and everyone takes.
  8. newtech

    Donation feature or contribution

    Burt: I watched the youtube, it is not exactly what I need but would be great for now. So, I am confused. Where is the link to the contrib? I don't totally agree with that assessment. There are many organizations that use OsCommerce for an ecommerce solution, that also would like to take donations. There are many requests on this site. Most just give up since they are left hanging with no response. I am being more persistent. The reason I have posted at different locations is I am hoping that whoever posted in the past maybe found a solution and they are watching their post and will respond when I ask if they found a solution. Anyways I like what I saw on the youtube video. How do I get it? BTW I tried 6659. It messes up my shopping cart when other items are later added to the cart.
  9. newtech


    Anyone come up with a solution-just have it that the customer can enter a dollar amount?
  10. newtech

    donations contribution

    Anybody know how to get a hold of the guy who made the code for $50?
  11. newtech

    Contribution Donation

    What is the status on this. Looks like it got dropped. Someone have a solution? Help!
  12. newtech

    Donations with and without purchases

    Come on. If someone is asking how do a feature for their non-profit organization, give them the answer how to do it, not promote another non-profit. We need an answer also on how to make it so that people can enter a specific dollar amount. We would help pay for such a contrib.
  13. newtech

    Donation feature or contribution

    Come on, I can't believe as long as ocommmerce has been around that there is not some kind of contrib for people to go to an oscommerce store and be able to enter a dollar amount to make a donation. It cannot be that hard. Help!!!! For a fair price I will pay for such a contrib.