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  1. Anyone who has insatalled the modular shopping cart and estimate could you verify if it works for you please
  2. @@Dan Cole Thats the first thing i did but no change. If you apply the discount in Shopping Cart the estimate does not work. But If you apply the discount in Shopping Cart then goto checkout confirmation and then back to Shopping Cart. Than total shows correctly. So from what i understand if you apply in checkout the total is correct but if you apply the code in Shopping Cart the balance is not correct unless you goto checkout confirmation.
  3. @@Dane Cole There is a "Exclude Discount" setting. But it only become available when you choose a product or a category or a product. If someone could code a global Exclude Discount Setting will be very much appreciated. Also i mentioned earlier in the posts the order total of Estimated Order Totals does not work. Please see screenshot:
  4. "Exclude specials" is only available if products, categories or manufacturer is selected. Is it possible to provide a selection in each box for all products or all categories or all Manufacturers. Why i ask this is if i want to provide discount to all products but want to exclude discount / special products then i need to highlight all products in box .. when save discount then the "applies to" column becomes HUGE as i have nearly 20,000 products. It would be nice to have a all products or all categories or all Manufacturers option. Thank you for all the support and suggestions being provided.
  5. @@BrockleyJohn Thanks for such a simple idea :-) @@Tsimi Thank you so much for taking the time and giving that code. Thats ideal.
  6. And if someone could kindly code a check to display to customers would be very nice. At the moment the customer will think the code has been applied when it hasn't. Doesnt look professional. It would be much appreciated.
  7. hehe .. Thanks I was just curious :) Upon further testing i have found a problem Background: Have Modular Shopping Cart Installed Have Estimated Shipping Cost Installed If the account is unregistered and "Show discount input to guests" is true the discount shows in Estimated Shipping Cost in Shopping Cart but does not apply to the total. If registered this works.
  8. I removed all that in the define. The order total part was too messy and long. Was hoping for a function like it is with "Check/Money Order". When it only displays the payment to details if that payment module is selected. I just dont know how to do the IF condition.
  9. Raiwa has confirmed its how it works. Which one do you use Dan?
  10. What is the IF condition please? Because if i just echo it then it will always be visible on confirmation checkout. I wanted it if "Store Pickup" was selected as the shipping method.
  11. I was just testing and is this correct that if a customer enters an incorrect code and you press continue it will goto checkout confirmation without warning the customer they have entered an incorrect code? Normally customers would just copy and paste so the check does not work unless they click somewhere on page. Most likely after pasting they would press continue.
  12. Could someone please tell me once i have created a discount code is there option to email the customer with the code? Is it possible to send discount code with new registration customers email? I am sorry if i have missed the but i couldnt find them.
  13. I am installing this contribution which works good thanks to raiwa What i would like to do is show the Store Pickup Address at the Checkout Confirmation Page if this contribution is selected for shipping. I believe an IF statement needs to be put in Checkout confirmation before: if (tep_not_null($order->info['comments'])) { I was hoping to get the functionality as with the "Check/Money Order" when it shows the payment to details. But i don't know how to do it. Forgot to mention am using Oscommerce Edge. All help is much appreciated.
  14. I have downloaded the latest version. WDW EasyTabs 1.0.2 from 25th Februaury. The SQL is still not fixed. Is anyone else getting the same error as in post 4? The problem can be fixed by removing p.image_display, p.image_folder, from: /includes/modules/content/wdw_product_info_box/cm_wdw_product_info_box.php
  15. Thanks Frank. That suggestion and code of yours worked perfectly. Much Appreciated.