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  1. Has anyone got this working on Bootstrap CE?
  2. CGhoST

    Jssor Slider

    It works very nicely. Thank You :-)
  3. CGhoST

    Jssor Slider

    Thank you so much. It works wonderfully. I just found one little problem with it or maybe its me. Can you please check. When making the banner and writing some text in "HTML Text" (In my case i did Testing 123) then the text shows on the top left corner but the image does not show.
  4. Has anyone noticed the Banner is not showing in the Footer. There is a default banner in "Banner Manager" but i dont see it anywhere.
  5. If there is no changes then there is no point. I was just going with the path maybe the code has become more efficient and faster and better for such a speed of Bootstrap CE. Thank you for all your help. Appreciate it :-)
  6. For new products would you put the code in ht_owl_carousel.php ? Where please?
  7. LOL @BrockleyJohn It was working fine before. I thought it was a bug so i changed it and noticed the opposite of what should be happening. Now all good again :-) Thank You Everyone
  8. Am i to understand that i do not need to make that change and its not really a bug then? If i leave everything as is will be good?
  9. If i make this change i get the following output: The special and actual price are swapped. Is there any other changes that should be made also?
  10. The latest now is: <script defer src="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.0.13/js/all.js"></script>
  11. Does it matter where you put the JS code in template_bottom.php ? I have put it at the start of the file after the first ?> Does a nice job
  12. @BrockleyJohn @JcMagpie I checked my old edge installation from a year ago and this sort of jerkiness is not there. Because of change to vector is why this is happening? It doesnt seem normal. Having a jerky website. There is no way to fix this? Edit: I installed Auto update quantity and price in Shopping Cart. Makes it very annoying on page refresh.
  13. @BrockleyJohn On this link provided by JcMagpie http://www.justfastfood.com/ when you click on oscommerce image and the page refreshes you can see the breadcrumb jerking and the navbar jerking. In my older edge site it doesnt do that. There is no jerkiness. Edit: I dont have a link as its on localhost
  14. @JcMagpie Thats exactly what happens. I installed a previous one from september or so last year and that does not do it.