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    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    So your saying that the Regular 2.0.0 works fine with osC RC1? I am about to install this contrib, and since neither you or the person who made the update for osC RC1 has any detail instructions on where to make the changes in the files, I need to create a write-up of the changes so that I can properly incorporate it in with the STS module which I have installed.
  2. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Bill, I was wondering how would one know when to modify STS files when adding a contribution to ones store? The reason why I ask is because I want to Additional Images v2.0.0 Contrib 1032, and was not sure if I needed to modify anything in STS or not.
  3. When editing the headertags placeholder should i use the HTC instructions to add in the necassary code or is it already there and all I have to do is uncomment it out?
  4. Thanks Bill, for clearing this up and giving back my sanity well what little I have left. I was beating my head thinking "Oh No where did I mess up now!", haha. Glad to know for once everything is okay.
  5. Quick question, in the Admin » Header Tags » Text Control, it states All of my sections are red, but they display the info on the Text Control page, but they wont display what is written in the "Header Tags Categories Description" section (the larger text box out of the two) on the category page in the catalog section, but it will display the first "Header Tags Categories Description". What am I missing, I have the header tags code installed per the instructions of HTC for STS, as i am running STS for osC RC1.
  6. One last question, is there a way to reverse the way the titles is being displayed?... instead of "Cat - MyStore" it will be like this "MyStore - Cat". If the above is possible, would it be possible to have the title be displayed as "MyStore - Catname - ProdName" Also how would I change the - to » Thanks.
  7. okay figured it out the instructions say make sure its like this 'sts_user_code.php;headertags.php', but for some reason when i drop the ' it works fine. go figure....
  8. Like the other person above me, does Header Tags work with osc 2.2 RC1? Bill: Maybe you can shed some light on this as it seems to be STS related, I have installed STS with Featured Products for osc 2.2 RC1 and now I went and followed your instructions here for HTC, but now I am getting this error. I would assume getting these errors is also the reason why the meta tags are not show up as well.
  9. I have been trying to find the name of this contribution, but no luck, does anybody know the name of the contribution which allows the multiple drop down menu function as seen on this website? http://www.mjmautohaus.com/catalog/index.php Or does anybody know how I would go about re-creating something like this?
  10. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    have no idea what happened, but when i went to back back-up everything up so I can add Featured Products for STS everything is working fine. Thanks for the help anyways.
  11. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Bill thanks for your response, here is a snippet of html that is used to make up a section of my site. adding a forward slash to the url breaks the images. <td width="28" background="styles/apollo/images/tr.jpg"> </td> As for the bug I was referring to, it was in STS Plus sorry not the Power Pack, here is a link to the post regarding what I was talking about. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=918563 Thanks for your help.
  12. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Anybody else having problems displaying secure and unsecure items using STS for RC1? I have tracked it down to the way the graphics for my templates are being hadnled, even though all the path are relative for some reason in a secure environment they come up as non-secure. Could this be due to the same bug that was in the STS Power Pack or something else?
  13. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Bill. I have a question regarding the pop-up function for STS, I created my own template using your example as a guide, but whenever I click on an image the pop-up does not resize to the size of the picture. Any idea of where I went wrong, here is the code for my pop up image page. <?php define ('STS_END_CHAR', '}'); ?> <html $htmlparams}> <head> <!--$headcontent--> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> <script language="javascript"><!-- function resize() { var i=0; var MarginW = 60; var MarginH = 140; if (document.layers) i=40; if (document.prodimage.width>document.bannerimage.width) {Width=document.prodimage.width +MarginW} else Width = document.bannerimage.width+MarginW; Height = document.prodimage.height+document.bannerimage.height+MarginH; window.resizeTo(Width,Height); self.focus(); } //--></script> <?php // BOF: More Pics 6 ?> <meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.5)"> <meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.5)"> <?php // EOF: More Pics 6 ?> </head> <body onLoad="resize();"> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width="28"><img border="0" src="styles/apollo/images/ttl.jpg" width="28" height="52"></td> <td width="100%" background="styles/apollo/images/tt.jpg"> </td> <td width="28"><img border="0" src="styles/apollo/images/ttr.jpg" width="28" height="52"></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="28" background="styles/apollo/images/tl.jpg"> </td> <td align="center" width="100%">$popupimage}</td> <td width="28" background="styles/apollo/images/tr.jpg"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="28"><img border="0" src="styles/apollo/images/tbl.jpg" width="28" height="55"></td> <td width="100%" align="center" style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 8pt" background="styles/apollo/images/tb.jpg">$productname}$productmodel}</td> <td width="28"><img border="0" src="styles/apollo/images/tbr.jpg" width="28" height="55"></td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>
  14. For the ppl that got this to work with STS what did you do? I dwonlaoded the version for STS but all my images arer still the regular pop-ups thanks.
  15. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    With such a simple install instructions I do not know where I could have messed up at. I just installed LIGHTBOX Image for STS 4+ and whenever I click on an image on my test store it is a regular pop-up and not the Lightbox image, Is there more to the contribution that what is in the download file located here? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4456
  16. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Bill thanks for making this contrib more STS friendly, was looking for just the thing when I came across your post. BTW thanks for STS
  17. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Okay, I just went through your site, and noticed that you only have 1 product listed for your store, and when you navigate to that product it does show up. Also you are getting errors on your site due to the fact that you are specifing that STS read from the sts template directory "full" for how everything is supposed to be displayed, but you did not fully upload the "full" folder so you are getting this error
  18. Eighteen48

    STS Question

    STS is designed only to change the look and feel of the user side (shoppers/visitors), if you want to change the way the admin section look, you would have to actually redo the php files regarding the admin files, and unless you understand osC php as well as html, I would not attempt this. As for designing the site for a client it all depends on the client needs, and I hate to sound rude casue this is not my intention, but if you are asking here how to design for your client I do no think you should be designing sites right now commericially until you get more time under your belt. Sorry Bill I know you rather have questions asked/answered in the STS thread, but I wanted to reply.
  19. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Short answer, yes. Long answer yes, but you may gave to tweak and modifed the contribs you are adding in your osC store. Also, Bill correct me if I am wrong, you will have to specifiy the new tags for them to show properly.
  20. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Did you remember to add the $content tag to the body of your template? without that tag it will never display any of the info you are suppose to have in the main section of the site, from your inde to checkout to loginging in and out and of course products. I know when I first designed my template I uploaded it to the server and freaked caused everything was blank, then I realized I forgot to add the $content tag.
  21. Eighteen48

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    When I tried to manually edit my out dated categories in "SEO-G Zones » Categories" I get the following errors, I am using osC RC1 if it helps any.
  22. Eighteen48

    I am looking for a way to switch STS templates

    your best bet is to post your question in this thread. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=204381
  23. Eighteen48

    Email Templates

    Are there any contributions to design your own email templates? Something like STS?
  24. Eighteen48

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Stupid Question, I have d/led and installed osC RC1 and have been working to get it set-up properly, and I am now working on setting up my payment options. Does osC RC1 have the latest version of Paypal IPN or should I download the latest version and install it? Also what is the Instant Payment Notification URL?