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  1. I'm having an issue with the discount coupons contribution and have been unable to find an answer to it here. It occurs when using the table rate shipping method based on order total. If someones order total is just over one of the thresholds in the shipping table and they enter a discount coupon that takes their order total below that threshold they are presented with an error message that says: 'Your calculated shipping charges have changed' They are then taken back to the beginning of the checkout process, but are unable to checkout as this happens each time. Can the coupons be configured to apply a discount to the order total including shipping so that this isn't a problem? Is there another fix? Thanks, Alan.
  2. justal

    Adding Valid From option

    I'm currently setting up an osCommerce shop and will be using the Credit Card payment module. However, I need to know the 'valid from' date of some cards that I can process. Is there a way to add this informtaion to the credit card module?.. If so can someone either point me to the relevant contribution as I can't find one, or tell me how to do it. Thanks. Al.
  3. justal

    2Checkout total price incorrect

    I've set up a 2checkout account and install the pm2checkout v2.1a contribution, but when I test it the total price of the shopping cart isn't getting passed to 2checkout correctly. My cart is set up in GBP ? and a total price of ?9.95 ends up bein ?5.88 by the time mit gets to 2checkout Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?? Thanks. Alan.