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  1. Thank you very much for the great module. Can anyone know how to activate CVV2 on VM side? I ran the transaction as production mode using my credit card info including "cvv code". Even with wrong cvv code, still allow to accept the transaction. On VM site, the CVV2 code shows as "N" It should show error message without processing the transaction, I assume. VM admin site dosen't allow me to change the setting for CVV2 field. The option field is deactivated. Do I need to add the new field using CVV2 field? Thank you in advance.
  2. hojinni

    [Contribution] Availability

    I've uploaded all those English language files. I don't have Admin Access Levels contribution but I have Administration Login Management for login password. Here is the URL address bar /availability_options.php?page=1&aID=2&lID=1&action=edit exactly same as my local site URL address bar Thank you for all your time.
  3. hojinni

    [Contribution] Availability

    I'm using only english setting. copied the language files and also made changes to the global english.php Basically it works great on local server but not showing right column on the website. My only option would be using phpMyAdmin.. Thank you for your help.
  4. hojinni

    [Contribution] Availability

    Thank you for the contribution! Everything works great on my local server but on the website, problem showing right column section at Admin > Catalog > Availability. when I hit the button edit or add the options. I do not get the right column section I've updated exactly same files to website. Check the files several times.. just weird. Both local and website are using Mysql5.0, PHP5. Help! Thank you.