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    Subscription Module

    Hi everybody. One of my clients is after something that I have seen requested a massive number of times, so I have taken it on myself to tackle it once and for all. Subscriptions. Yes, I know there is a module which will pass through to PayPal subscriptions, but what this in effect does is bypass the shopping cart and just add in a paypal link to the product info page. I want to devise a system whereby people can use their shopping basket to add in subscription items, have this info stored and then complete their order. It is imperitave that this work for subscription AND non-subscription items. So, in addition to the current product price, it needs to carry a product_subscription amount through, total it and present this in the checkout pages ready for passing to the payment processor. So far, I have added in an extra field to the admin panel under price (gross) called subscription_amount. I have got this to display correctly in the catalog, with the price being a setup fee and the subscription showing as ?x.xx per month as defined in admin. I have also got this to NOT show if no subscription proce has been set in admin, so the product displays as normal. I have even plugged into the paypal module so that it goes into paypal subscriptions direct (the only weakpoint being this has no basket function and just shows one total - this is a weakness with paypal and cant see any way around it). Now to the bit I'm stuck on, and for somebody who has been working with osc for 3 or 4 years this is a tad embarassing to admit, but I cant for the life of me figure how to add a susbcsriptions field into the cart and order_total functions. I have no doubt that this will mean tinkering with a large amount of files, but I'm quite happy to put the work in if someone can be kind enough to point me in the right direction. Obviously once I have a fully functioning version working I will be releasing as a contrib...any help appreciated! Also, I would like to create a direct debit payment module using the same info to create a printable page with my clients bank details and the amounts already filled in dynamically, along with a unique identifier (order number would do for this) Anyone want to look at what Ive managed to complete so far, please get in touch and I'll send you a zip file. Thanks in advance.
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    For anybody else experiencing similar problems, Ciarans site had the CCGV contribution installed but not activated. Simply install Gift Voucher mod in admin->modules->order totals and all works fine. ;)
  3. in includes/classes/shipping.php , this section is throwing up error message: function _calculate() { global $osC_ShoppingCart; if ($this->_cartID != $osC_ShoppingCart->getCartID()) { $this->_cartID = $osC_ShoppingCart->getCartID(); $this->_quotes = array(); if (is_array($this->_modules)) { $include_quotes = array(); if (defined('MODULE_SHIPPING_FREE_STATUS') && (MODULE_SHIPPING_FREE_STATUS == 'True') && $GLOBALS['osC_Shipping_free']->isEnabled()) { $include_quotes[] = 'osC_Shipping_free'; } else { foreach ($this->_modules as $module) { if ($GLOBALS['osC_Shipping_' . $module]->isEnabled()) { $include_quotes[] = 'osC_Shipping_' . $module; } } } specifically this line is being singled out as a no-no if (defined('MODULE_SHIPPING_FREE_STATUS') && (MODULE_SHIPPING_FREE_STATUS == 'True') && $GLOBALS['osC_Shipping_free']->isEnabled()) { when amended to this it works: if (defined('MODULE_SHIPPING_FREE_STATUS') && ('MODULE_SHIPPING_FREE_STATUS' == 'True') && $GLOBALS['osC_Shipping_free']->isEnabled()) { Just thought I would post as all 3 svn copies have same bug...not on dev team, but as I spotted it thought worth posting...;)
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    Commercial Theme

    not until ms3 is anything like ready for live shops - this is still in alpha version m8, and as such many things are likely to be improved/altered before a final release is made. It wouldn't make sense to create a commercial template on experimental code as a template would be for your customers enjoyment - MS3 isnt ready for your customers yet.
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    Ajax Buy Now

    Fantastic contribution, but having tried everything I can for the last 2 days, I cannot get this to work ont he product_info.php page, selecting either add to wishlist or add to cart returns an error. My reviews have also gone a bit screwy with a click showing the "all reviews" page...not sure if thats anything related to this though - ages since I actually clicked that link, so could have been broken for a while!! lol Anyway, I dont have the qty select contribution mentioned earlier in this thread as a potential cause of the product_info page not working, and I am completely stuck. As no-one else seems to be posting ont his issue, have I missed something - like it is supposed to work on this page...? Thanks for any and all help
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    please help me

    OK, quick question. What is the purpose of your site? Is it to annoy the hell out of people to get them to go to someone elses site, or is it to keep them on your site for as long as possible to give yourself the largest opportunity of a sale? Think that one through and you may decide the rest of this post is irrelevant. However, to make a commercial for your page is quite simple. You could just hack an infobox together with the advert inside it, then call that infobox wherever you want the ad to display, or you could do likewise with a module. Both of those will make a statically placed ad which shows quite happily on your site. To make one which hovers on the same screen location regardless of the actions being performed on your actual page requires the use of javascript, and this would need to be coded into the header area of your site as well as the actual page itself, unless you wanted it showing on every page across your site in which case you could plump it all in your header. I have nothing against adverts whatsoever, sometimes they can be a useful additional income source, can add to the usefulness of your site by offering alternatives to customers who are unable to satisfy their demands with your products and can increase consumer choice. Beware though of becoming just another site that exists purely to get revenue from adverts - there are already WAY too many of these around, and if this is what you inetnd becoming, oscommerce really shouldn't be the tool you are using - it is designed for people who really want to get into e-commerce and make a business for themselves in the world of retail and service. thats my 2 cents anyway.
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    Subscription Module

    Hi - thanks bobsi - good tip, gives a very good starting point for the dd aspect. Mark - I like the cut of your jib with reference to attributes, except it still comes down to the splitting out of subscriptions at some point. The way I am trying to go about it is to set up subscriptions as a completely seperate field, leaving attributes free for setup fees etc. I can appreciate that it could be very useful to have attributes used in this way though, as this would make the module much more adaptable. Either way, Im left with the same stumbling block - where do I add in the extra information to carry the subscription amounts through to the checkout stages? I can add in the total functions etc. without any problems, and the work I have done on a dev site so far causes no errors, but no matter what i do the subscription amount isnt being carried through. I cant help feeling I am playing in the wrong places! The files I have modified for this purpose so far are: includes/classes/shopping_cart.php and includes/classes/order.php with an extra column being added to the orders_products table to acrry subscription values where present. Any comments?
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    Riddle me this!

    In addition to the fact that the page can be overwhelming, if you have a large site, the page takes ages to load. This bores custoemrs and canes your bandwidth. Little suggestion - you have a browser detect script on osc - try using it. i.e. write a little php with an if (browser=googlebot | yahoobot|msnbot){show page} else{ dont } tiny little bit of code, can save you a lot of missed customers, retain your seo operation and save your bandwidth. Just an idea.