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  1. di_stephano20

    Article Manager v1.0

    is there a full package for this contribution? i've seen the contribution has a version 1.5, but after that there are about 10 updates ... isn't there a full package more recently then dec 2006?
  2. here is my problem: when i have a product listing query, and i try to "buy now" a product, i get a no product to display error! I now understand why: http://www.pravaliadecalculatoare.ro/shopp...art.php?sort=4a&osCsid=12b05be0f95d89e6ad742e0fc6c3e817 instead of http://www.pravaliadecalculatoare.ro/shopp...art.php?sort=4a&osCsid=12b05be0f95d89e6ad742e0fc6c3e817 this is my link and the problem is that instead of "&" i get a "&" what do i need to modify and where?