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  1. Exactly right!! I read the instructions (had already been using Open Office calc - only way to go!) and changed the encoding to UTF-8. Thank you!
  2. Hi. I'm using the most recent version, on php5 and mysql 5. My csv file has a category in it named Décor. It was causing a question mark in place of the accented e, so I changed the name to Décor, which works nicely. The problem is, when I reupload, I get a new category, even though on the screen both the original and the new say Décor
  3. I wasn't not entertaining :-) I just hadn't had time yet to try running it from temp. The file size is 130k
  4. baalwww

    Broken USPS module since rate increase

    I went to the newest release and it seems to work fine now.
  5. Thanks, but I beg to differ. I can change my environment from php5 to php4 just by right-clicking choosing. It works in one, and not the other, and unless there's a php module that's not turned on for one that it depends on, there's no other difference.
  6. I verified that it's php5 ... the contrib works ok on php4. Anyone have a list of what needs to change?
  7. I use: Easy populate 2.76g-MS2 osCommerce v2.2 RC 2a php 5 mysql 5 I've used easy populate on many sites, and it worked immediately. On this site, where I just installed it, after I browse to the csv file and import, I end up with just the initial screen with no entries listed at the bottom. Just two � marks one two lines above the other.
  8. baalwww

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Same thing happening to me since they changed rates. Don't understand how what they did could cause it though, because I still get the rate choices, but when the customer chooses #2 in the list, first-class, the confirm page shows express (#1 in the list). They don't cause the display or passing of globals, etc., but of course, since many people are experiencing this, and we've all had stable state until usps changed something, who knows.
  9. baalwww

    USPS Methods 3.0

    Happening to me too, since they changed their rates in Jan, and we have not changed the code. All is uppercase and has been. USPS says it's not them...hmmm
  10. baalwww

    Broken USPS module since rate increase

    Having exactly the same issue. It shows (in selection) express as first choice, but highlights first-class because it is cheapest. At confirm screen, it uses express as choice. USPS says it's oscommerce issue, not them
  11. In the case of repeating payments on subscription, such as a pound of coffee every month, or steaks every 3 months, etc., is there a contrib that provides for that? I can code the part that would handle the order portion, but what I'm most curious about is the payment...having a gateway payment automatically done without user intervention.
  12. Yes, Jan, I did think about it :) and, actually, have had the dimensions in for all 1,500+ of my items for much longer than there's been support for it in the module (I have used the measurements to manually calculate shipping). I haven't had time to delve into the code, but there's a disconnect somewhere. My point was more that it would seem to me that the shipping modules being able to deliver a shipping estimate that is similar to the shipper's should be as fundamental as showing an accurate product price, since most every Web store needs to ship. I wonder if USPS has a module that can be made to work with osc more easily than writing/modifying the barebones one in osc to work with them.
  13. I've had to take my store offline. The fact is, in my circumstance, only USPS and UPS make sense for me, and in fact, when you compare the rates it's understandable why most people buying from me want USPS. BUT Apparently there are few people out there shipping anything bigger than a USPS box. I can sell a 4-pound box of chocolates, a 4-pound rug, and a 4-pound wicker laundry hamper. They are all stunningly different in size, and as far as the USPS module cares (or doesn't)... they all cost the same to ship. HA! Is someone working on dimension support? That aside, I turned on the dimension support for the UPS module. The prices didn't change... they were just as amazingly wrong when I got to UPS.
  14. Yeah, I received that under test mode, with a valid user id and password, and it went away in production mode. I guess you could talk to authorize.net and verify that the user id/pass are the same for test mode, and that the test server is the one listed in the code. At least now, with the data returned, you can give them the error data.
  15. I'm not certain, but here is how I did it when I was having the trouble. Search in the code for this: $response = curl_exec($ch); $this->response = explode(',', $response); and then, between them, add var_dump($response); exit; When you do a test order, it will print some info to the screen and then stop. You will be able to refresh that page without having to go through an entire order again, because it's stopping before where it does the cleanup and sends you back to the shipping page. When it dumps the contents of $response, see if the long test string is filled with commas or | between the items. If it is |, then change the ',' in the explode line to |, if it is commas, then move the two lines you added to just Below the explode line, and change the first from var_dump($response); to var_dump($this->response); Then reload the page. If you get a dump this time showing a bunch of array subscripts ([0], [1], [2], etc.) each with -> after it and data, then you are getting a valid response from authorize.net. At that point, unless it's giving you an error because your account info is not valid, you can probably switch to production mode (don't forget to remove the two lines you added). You can check a Failing transaction in production mode by putting in a '4' and fifteen 1's as the card number, any expiration and any CV2 code, and the transaction will fail...see if it gives you a failure reason at the top of the screen you're redirected to instead of just saying it failed. To test a live transaction, you can always create a $0.50 item or whatever and buy it from yourself.