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  1. Please advice whether exists module of merchant account? I would want that anybody can create merchant account in my store and sell their products. Is it possible?
  2. SAA

    Problem with Authorize.net

    Hello. Please advice. I'm using module authorize.net. During checkout after returning back to my site from authorize.net there is https://test.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll in address line of browser. Is it correct?
  3. SAA

    Problem with Authorize.net

    Thank you I have installed this module and all ok
  4. SAA

    Problem with Authorize.net

    In first post I have written https://test.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll because I was using TEST mode. In second post I have written https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll because I was using PRODUCTION mode. Please give me link for Authorize.net AIM module because I can't find it http://www.oscommerce.com/community?contri...mp;category=all or this module are situated here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,725/ ?
  5. SAA

    Problem with Authorize.net

    1. yes 2. yes After payment I can see transaction details in my Authorize.net account, but after returning back on my site there is https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll in address line of browser. I'm use standard module Authorize.net which was included in oscomerce package
  6. Hello Anywho knows how may change Font family (now arial but need vernada) and default size 2?