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  1. Which file do I download, there are more than 10 files.
  2. I need a contribution that will combine both the payment and shipping pages during the checkout process. I found one but it also allows you to checkout without an account, that I don't want.
  3. What are the rates for accepting credit card?

    Does PayPal Pro allow transactions to be process on your website? Right now I would like a checkout as short as possible, but these are eBay customers so I think they already understand why PayPal checkouts are so long.
  4. Right now 99.99 percent of my sales are from eBay. My plan is to make a website (I already have a half done one) so my customers from eBay can shop from. I know I can get customers with my price and service as I have great success from eBay. Right now my PayPal rate is at 2.2 percent for buyers in US and Canada, 3.2 percent from buyers in other countries. Since my customers will mainly be from eBay I think using PayPal along with my website will do fine for now. My big question say I do $5000 US each month from my website which checkout system should I start thinking of using? At that point I think PayPal will be quite costly. Also consider $5000 a month will be around 30 to 40 transactions a day. I will also need a checkout system that will be cheap for processing AUD, GBP, EUR currencies. Right now it cost $1.79 AUD to process 62.98 AUD for customers in US and Canada, and $2.42 AUD to process $62.98 AUD for customers everywhere else. I want to cut these fees as much as possible so I can offer even lower prices to my customers. Any ideas what are the rates for some of the top cc processors.
  5. The Mystery Continues: PayPal

    My online store is currently set up to accept 5 types of currencies. U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Euros, and GBP. Every time when I check-out in U.S. dollar via PayPal the shipping amount does not carry over, just the item amount carries over. I don't have a problem with this with all the other currencies. Both the shipping and item price carries over. Anyone have a clue what the problem is? I was guessing. Problem with PayPal accepting U.S. dollars. My php files are messed up. Or, something I set in the admin tools made the shipping amount for U.S. dollars not carry over.
  6. Ok I just want one shipping module that actually works. What I need is not complicated. I want to offer three different shipping prices. Ok here they are. Shipping within Canada - $1 on each item Shipping to the United States - $3 on each item Shipping everywhere else (Australia, United Kingdom, etc...) = $5 on each item. The default modules included all do not offer anything that simple. Can anyone recommend me a module? Thank you.
  7. PayPal payment information incorrect.

    I have PayPal set up with my web site. When I try to check out and it brings me to the PayPal checkout page I get false information on this line. Payment For: My company name and not the item name. Is there a way to correct this?
  8. I basically have three rates well actually two. I am located in Canada so I plan to offer free shipping to anywhere in Canada. I wish to charge a flat shipping rate to the united States no matter how much they order. After that for international orders I plan offer a rate based on weight. I am shipping items that are like 100g. I try the modules that were included in the package however none seem to fit my needs. Anyone have any other modules that believe will fit my needs.
  9. Understanding the basics of accepting credit cards.

    PayPal only offers this service to people located in the United States. I just hate it when my customers need to enter information twice.
  10. Understanding the basics of accepting credit cards.

    I'll have over $1000 in sales each month. Is there a merchant and payment gateway you recommend or is widely used or something that works with osCommerce. Also my business is in Canada so I plan to sell mostly to Canadians and Americans. Thanks for pointing out the rest I didn't understand.
  11. I want to be able to accept credit cards on my web site. Mostly MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery. To my understanding you need to setup a merchant account. My question is what works with osCommerce? I only sell in Canadian dollars and want to bill in Canadian dollars. How do I withdraw money to my Canadian bank account; CIBC? Do I process the orders myself by typing in the CC number? I want it so that my customers only enter in their name, CC number and expire date. I also need a solution that does not charge monthly fees. Only charges when I actually process an order. The only online payment solution I am familiar with is PayPal. I guess what I really want is something that will process credit cards without the customer being redirected to another site.
  12. Can not accept credit cards?

    Whenever I try to check out I enter a valid credit card number however it tells me its invalid. I get this message The first four digits of the number entered are: 3464<br>If that number is correct, we do not accept that type of credit card.<br>If it is wrong, please try again.