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  1. mustardseed

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    I just completed a new install eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.2 SR2 on osCommerce 2.2 MS 2. I set up a test sale in "Sales: Not Checked Out" and set up a Mapping for the listing. I was careful to make sure that the auction titles matched and all required fields were completed. However, when I sign in at the auction_finder.php and click through to shopping_cart.php my shopping cart is empty. I carefully reviewed changes made to to catalog/shopping_cart.php and catalog/includes/application_top.php and everything was done according to the instructions. Anyone tips on solving this problem will be much appreciated.
  2. mustardseed

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Great mod! Does anyone know how I can add sort order. As it is, the mod always appears as the first shipping option. I'd like it to appear last. Thanks!