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  1. rivalgraphix

    Attribute Sets Plus

    I tried the change above (which is in a new version) but still doesn't work. Any help?
  2. rivalgraphix

    Attribute Sets Plus

    I currently just realized that I have 1.01 installed. Its working fine, but have a question as to whether this was fixed in new versions or not. I sell decals and sometimes you need 2+ color options. I can make an Attribute Set (using the same Product Option and Values, just different Set name) for each (ie. color 1, color 2) but on the product page, if both sets are applied, it doubles, sometimes quadruples the colors in only one drop down box. Also, the name in front of the dropdown box is the Product Option rather than the Attribute Set that I created with specific name. Is this correct? I am trying to prevent having to make an entire new Product Option with its own values If I can use the same one with a different Attribute Set name. Thanks in advance!
  3. rivalgraphix

    Imprint Text Options

    This would work, maybe I'll try again at a later time. I was just looking for something simpler, one textbox labeled 'item comment' I have comments at checkout, but I need one for certain items.
  4. rivalgraphix

    Imprint Text Options

    I already scrapped it. I may try again later, but it was only for a few products that can wait. I really need an option to add comments to an item rather than entire order, know anything? I'm searching right now but not coming up with anything.
  5. rivalgraphix

    Imprint Text Options

    i dont use msn, im just gonna try to figure it out and scrap it if i cant. thanks for the help
  6. rivalgraphix

    Imprint Text Options

    thanks, but that still didn't fix it. i can see all the notes from the customer side only, nowhere in admin.
  7. rivalgraphix

    Imprint Text Options

    If i go to my account history logged in as a customer, it does show there what the options are, but not anywhre in the admin panel.
  8. rivalgraphix

    Imprint Text Options

    I was reading that wrong, thought that update was on 1.3.5 unfortunately, that fix produces a blank page on everything, no good.
  9. rivalgraphix

    Imprint Text Options

    I'm having this same issue. I've double checked all my files. The data is being recoreded into the database (searched through phpmyadmin) but isn't reaching any final orders (email, admin orders, invoice, packing slip). Any help??
  10. rivalgraphix

    A question about page changes

    works fine for me. can you be more specific?
  11. rivalgraphix

    Edit the prouct pages

    you edit this page when you list the item. you can place html in the box on the same page where you label manufacturer, price, qty, weight, etc. you do not have to edit php for this.