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  1. Jamez

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    Thanks for putting this together. Im still using php4 (tut, tut I know). If anyone else is using php4 it will complain about str_ireplace used in the database.php file If you add this to them same file it will work with no problems function str_ireplace($search, $replace, $subject) { if (is_array($search)) { foreach ($search as $word) { $words[] = "/".$word."/i"; } } else { $words = "/".$search."/i"; } return preg_replace($words, $replace, $subject); } The hide products from customers part it working fine, the hide categories doesnt seem to work so well (ie its not working for me). Could you please point me to which part of the code is related to the hiding categories part (in the admin/categories.php file). I think its $contents[] = array('text' => tep_print_shp_menu('category')); But it doesnt seem to be displaying like your first screenshot.
  2. Jamez

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    Hello KJ, A very nice contribution here I must say well done. Im wondering did you get anywhere with the script to clean the existing customers data at all please? Thanks, James
  3. Jamez


    Bit of a long shot but worth a try. This seems to be the correct place for talk about this module. Has anyone got this working with Chemo`s SEO URL`s at all? The images when clicked are not going to the right URL.
  4. Jamez

    Quick Pick InfoBox Support Thread

    A year later and im still thinking LOL. Im sure its possible to make this into a recurring billing module, anyone have any ideas?
  5. Jamez

    Batch Update Status Support

    Hi Jeff, Thanks very much with your help I fixed it. User error as usual.... ie mine. Sorry about that! :rolleyes:
  6. Jamez

    Batch Update Status Support

    Awesome work sir, thanks for all your efforts. I have a quick question/small problem. Can you select orders 1, 3, 5 for example (or infact any single order) using the checkboxes? Ive tried to do this using IE and Firefox, and as soon as you check the box its as if you had clicked somewhere on the line, ie it selects that order. (the round info icon changing to the triangle). If I choose select all it works, but again if I try to unselect one it all are unselected. I guess its a javascript prob.... :-"
  7. Jamez

    [Contribution] PayOffline (Pro)

    Thanks for your feedback. :thumbsup:
  8. Jamez

    [Contribution] PayOffline (Pro)

    Hi Tom, We are considering using Payoffline. From a shoppers point of view have you had many complaints (ie too difficult to use etc)? What about people that say they made a payment but theres no trace of it (ie they didnt). Thanks for your feedback.
  9. I noticed a few other things too... What is labelled the "English" directory, is actually the Spanish. I cant get the Google AJAX translate to work either (it just hangs). :-"
  10. Ah worked it out already, permissions error on the directories. It didnt work for me on 755, changed it to 777 temporarily.
  11. Thanks to Jens for the 2 fixes, most of it is now working apart from.. I click a red x to copy it to another language and then get this permission denied error... Warning: copy(/includes/languages/german/article_header_tags.php) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /admin/verify_language.php on line 161
  12. Jamez

    [contribution] Update-o-matic

    Just a short note to say thanks, nice work. I hope one day to get enough orders a day to fill that order number box LOL... its a tad big. Theres a define forgotten in the language file. Ive been trying to hack in a way to show the order numbers of all orders in "Processing" state using code from orders.php That has been a failure so far LOL, ill try again tomorrow...
  13. "no such file or directory in blah de blah line 56" Whats on line 56? You will probably find a hardcoded directory you dont have. If you read the error messages on the screen and follow them through its a big help.
  14. Jamez

    Quick Pick InfoBox Support Thread

    Ok so im thinking here... If we make an attribute of say 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month. Is there any way we can run say a cron to automatically populate the cart for those time periods and effectively have recurring billing?
  15. Thanks, it seems to work well, but I think you forgot 2 images that are coded in but not in the package. Anyone who cant work out how to add them etc shouldnt be using osc though.