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  1. I am using a WYSIWYG editor (the one that comes standard with CREloaded 6.15), and I would like to add a link to a product section. After I add the HTML link, I added '<?php echo index.php?cPath=28" . "&" . $SID ;?>' to echo the session ID. This prevents users from getting logged out after they click my link. The problem is that after I save my progress in the WYSIWYG editor (and it saves to the database), I go to the page, click the link I just made and the link echos the SID, but it also repeats the php script inside the href link. Does anyone know how to allow php code correctly in the WYSIWYG editor so it acts the way it should? I would appreciate any help! Dave
  2. omgitzdave

    Shipping Modules not showing up

    I am having the same problem. The osCommerce store installed correctly, and everything is working, but none of the shipping modules are showing up. I checked the config files, and they are all pointing to the right location. Any ideas?