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  1. Belzibut

    MSRP not in product_listing.php

    Any programmer? David
  2. Hi, I have a problem since today it seems. I try to change the pictures for some of the products but the new pictures I upload is viewable only when I click to enlarge, otherwise it doesn't show. Any one had this problem before? I'm thinking it might be because of my automatic thumnail contrib. Please let me know of any clue you may have. Thanks, David
  3. Belzibut

    Tax and attributes not adding to total

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if that is what the problem is but have you given your product a tax class? You know, when you add a product it is part of the options. Let me know if it helps. David
  4. Belzibut

    MSRP, Where'd it go?!

  5. Belzibut

    MSRP, Where'd it go?!

  6. Belzibut

    MSRP, Where'd it go?!

    I have a similar problem. Could someone post the codes that needs to be changed in new_products.php to display the MSRP on the index page. I want to see the MSRP on all product page, it now shows in special.php, product_info.php but no on the main page. Thanks. David
  7. Hi all and thank you in advance. I am having the same problem as everybody but I can't seem to fix mine by using the changes above. I have just installed a copy of the Featured Products contrib on a quite fresh installation of OScommerce. I do have already installed a few other modules. I see that there is a problem with this contribution and the Separate Price Per Customer attribute but I don't have that one install but probably one that uses the same kinds of files. I know for sure that the problem is with another contrib that I have installed. Here is the error: 1054 - Unknown column 'customers_group_name' in 'field list' select distinct customers_group_name, customers_group_id from customers order by customers_group_id [TEP STOP] THe version I have installed is the latest one and already has the fix for the catalog/includes/modules/featured.php file. I have changed my \catalog\admin\includes\functions\html_output.php file the way Nixoda said but it gives the same error. I changed it back. Here are the contribs installed: Ultimate SEO Header Tag Remove Shopping Cart Simple Template and now trying to include Featured Products I don't know what to do anymore. If anyone could help it would be very appreciated. If you need to see any of my files please let me know and I will upload them. Regards, David
  8. Hi, I had forgotten to add some codes. It doesn't work yet but it's on its way. Thanks,, David