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  1. lilape

    Graphical Borders

    Greetings, I just installed latest version of this mod. All worked great except it malformed my index.php file but product pages were fine. Index.php loaded but the tables were messy. Any ideas of this bug ? Thanks All, Martin
  2. lilape

    OSC Socializer v1.0

    Aha another one would be to make it workable on index.php i.e. not product sensitive so that people could share a site / bookmark a site. Thanks, Martin
  3. lilape

    OSC Socializer v1.0

    Hi Mike and All, Thanks for a nice mod. Was looking for something like this. One feature that would be nice is it would be good to let the friend add their name / e-mail like on addthis.com when they tell a friend as if it comes form the store it might be considered spam or abused. The other is a question: The .js files are quite large, will it slow down a busy file much ? I know browsers heavily cache .js and .css so after the first load it should be zippy. Any comments ? Greetings, Martin
  4. Dear Friends, I hope someone out there can help :) I've installed Ultimate SEO on my site (http://www.vedicbooks.net). All seems to work fine except the 'buy now' button on the catagory listing page does not work. It goes to a blank cart as for some reason the session ID gets lost along the way. I wonder if theres anyone out there who has had this problem and can send me the easy fix please. Otherwise all seems to work fine with Ultimate SEO. Thanking all osCommercers, Martin :-)
  5. Dear Friends, I'm needing some help getting Ultimate SEO contribution working. I've installed it and all seems to work fine except when I click on a catagory then try add to cart, it shows an empty cart. Very odd. When I go via product_info.php and then add to cart, it works 100% I got this far with testing and then realised something is amiss. I did install way back the product description in listing contribution, perhaps that might effect it somehow ? Any suggestions and help would be most appreciated. My site is at http://www.vedicbooks.net Sincerely, Martin :)
  6. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone out there has managed to get Worldpay working with 'Enable Search Engine Friendly URLS's'. My WP works 100% until I do this and then after going to wpcallback.php it redirects to login.php so somehow something is breaking. If anyone has got it working and can suggest the fix I would most appreciate. Sincerely, Martin :-)
  7. lilape

    Worldpay support III

    Hi Guys, Finally solved this but would appreciate comments on the solution. I found out the ?langauge=english was causing the problem in the callback URL. I thought either to disable this code in the worldpay.php module or another solution was to set the callback url manual (as in past versions) to : http://www.amritdirect.com/wpcallback.php rather than http://<wpdisplay item="MC_callback"> It seems to work 100% now. Can anyone comment on this please. Sincerely, Martin
  8. lilape

    Worldpay support III

    Hi Guys, Seems the ?language=en at the end of the session data is being mistaken for part of the session and that is the bug. I wonder why I am getting this and not other people ? Any ideas how to disable this ? I am only using English so no need for ?language=en in this URL anyway. Best Wishes, Martin
  9. lilape

    Worldpay support III

    Hi Guys, Am getting somewhere...tested the callback url i.e. : http://www.amritdirect.com/wpcallback.php?...181?language=en When I remove the ?language=en It works fine. It seems this is causing the error/bug. Now how to stop this part of the code ? Is Worldpay doing this ? Seems if I can removed the ?language=en bit it will work. Many thanks to all, Martin
  10. lilape

    Worldpay support III

    Dear Friends, Have tried many things but to no avail. Where do you suggest I look for extra white space by the way ? In which file ? Thanks. Martin
  11. lilape

    Worldpay support III

    Dear Friends, I'm struggeling too with the WP module. All is working 100% except I am getting the following error message on the wpcallback.php page : Warning: session_start(): The session id contains invalid characters, valid characters are only a-z, A-Z and 0-9 in /usr/www/users/amrit/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 67 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /usr/www/users/amrit/includes/functions/sessions.php:67) in /usr/www/users/amrit/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 67 Besides this message, it seems to work fine. The shoppper gets the confimation mail, the payment gets processed and the order goes into the database. You can test my site at: http://www.amritdirect.com/index.php (WP is setup in Test mode) If anyone can help I would be most most greatful. Thank you, Martin PS: You can mail me directly on martin AT kalkbay.co.za if need be.
  12. lilape

    Worldpay Question

    Thanks for reply. Callback is working now but it goes back to the login page and not to the thank you for ordering page like on your site. I wonder what it is ? WP no longer in SA so I'm using WP UK.
  13. lilape

    Worldpay Question

    Hi Guys, I just installed latest WP module v1.8 (see http://www.amritdirect.com/index.php for demo of store and WP in test mode) and all works fine except when it returns to my site it does not empty the cart or register the order (and thus send order e-mails and add order to database). Can anyone please help with this. Many thanks, Martin
  14. Dear osCommercers! Greetings! I am developing an international site that is using Paygate (South Africa) for handling SA Currency payments and Worldpay (UK) for USD and Euro payments. My client wants the store to automatically select Paygate for South African Rand (ZAR) payments and Worldpay for USD or EURO orders. Is there a module that does this or if not an easy code modification that can provide this service ? Many many thanks! Best Wishes, Martin
  15. Dear osCommercer's, I am planning to launch an online bookstore in the UK but it will be for the UK/Europe and also US market. Thus I am looking for an online credit card payment gateway system (something like 2Checkout.com in the USA) that can handle the payments and plug into osCommerce as need be. The funds should be remited to a UK based bank account. Ideally it should be able to handle charges in US$ and Euro - this would be the ideal but GBP would be a good start :) * Low or no monthly fees required * Reasonable transaction fees and % * No individual merchant account needed in the UK as it's for a small operation Any suggestions, referals, reccomendations ? Many thanks and happy osCommercing! Martin