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  1. I have been struggling with this for some time.. I have some products which can only ship via UPS as they are oversized or flammable.. no matter what warnings I put on the product and shipping pages, people often ignore it and go for the shipping carrier that is less I have finally got this thing just about 100% automated so anytime someone checkouts with the wrong shipping method.. it requires someone to manually contact the customer and make the changes.. and get the accurate shipping quote Is there a module where in the products description page one and set a field value and the shipping module would only list if the field value is set for it ie UPS=1 USPS=2 either=3 Thanks
  2. kabuca

    I need a Shipping System - MyUPS

    Yes, but why.. with worldship, you can sign up for the daily pickup and get a much better rate.. and for $2 a week, you get a free label printer to which they supply all the labels
  3. kabuca

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    There is a box at the top bar next to status.. check it and all the orders will be checked
  4. any luck? I have a customer that needs a minimum shipping amount of $7.25 then a table rate kicks in.. all of the contribs I have found here will not calculate the %
  5. kabuca

    Payment method fee 2.1

    well mine is a fresh install so I doubt it is your mod. I will have to look into this further.. or write something just for CRE
  6. kabuca

    Payment method fee 2.1

    Thanks for the contrib I am trying to get this to work with creloaded 6.15.. I can see the mod on the order total in admin, but I can not get it to show up during the check out process. Any ideas? I am only wanting to add $8.75 to cod orders.. and this is how I have it set up cod:8.75:0.00
  7. kabuca

    Official thread for Great Categories

    Will, I have since moved to CRE loaded as the mods were killing me. Do you work much with those guys with your contribs? I have pretty much got everything I want except being able to remove the buy it now button and use a quanities box next to the item in cat list... the customer would enter the number they would want for each item (lets say under paints) and just have to hit add to cart and all the items would be listed at once. This is critical as most of my customers are buying multiple items and it is not practical adding 1 at a time Here is my site. www.kabucas.com here is what I am looking to do www.jerrysartarama.com
  8. kabuca

    [Support] Specials Mod v1.0

    I do not understand step #6 Update the database with the dump in the osc.sql, file. I get this error as I do not understand what it is asking me to do with that file Special Categories 1146 - Table 'kabuca.special_category' doesn't exist select count(*) as total from special_category A, categories_description B where A.categ_id = B.categories_id and B.language_id = '1' [TEP STOP]
  9. kabuca

    Official thread for Great Categories

    oops forgot the email notification
  10. kabuca

    Official thread for Great Categories

    Will, Thanks for a great contrib.. I have one question not related. I want to have category specific text and titles. I can not seem to find the right contrib or area to edit this info myself.. searched all the OSC doc and Google. Jason
  11. In the readme, it stated the following "After you've adjusted the config vars below, simply place the product_thumb.php file in your catalog's root directory. Then find the "tep_image" function in the includes/functions/html_output.php file and replace it with the code at the bottom of this document." I can not seem to find a "function" called tep_image.. so I am really not sure what code to replace.. I can find tep_image in the html_output.php file but as I have no clue about the coding itself, I am lost. Is there maybe a better contrib that would allow us to have thumbnails? Jason
  12. see other post sorry.. i can not figure out how to delete a bad post