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  1. Michael01

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Thanks for that, I actually did not set the "remove all non-alphanumeric" and I think it defaults to true so I guess that will sort that problem out :) It is not just the css, it would be images. e.g. if I have an image in a sidebar and I use /image/image.jpg it will load fine in both the secure and regular parts of my site for the root, however not when using the paths for the SEO, because if i went to mysite.com/category/ it would look for the image in there, i.e. mysite.com/category/image/image.jpg where it does not exist. But if i use the full url (http://www.mysite.com/images/image.jpg) then once someone goes to the secure part they will get that "unsecure" popup since the image would be loaded from the http and not the https. Thanks for your help so far :)
  2. Michael01

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    but it's not a short word, the actual word I am having the trouble with is t-shirt. Even when I set this to 1 the url is blue-shirt instead of blue-t-shirt, which is how it currently is (using another seo contrib). I cannot change it to tshirt for example, because that would involve changing a huge amount of products. How do I use the full url for css/images etc. I am not sure how to do it, because as I mentioned it will be fine, but then when someone goes to the secure part of my site they will get a popup because the image is from the http absolute url and not the https. I am sure it is very obvious, but i can't see it :P
  3. Michael01

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Hello, I would like to use this great contribution, at the moment I am using the chemo seo version, but would like to change to this. I did a test install but I need help with the following: "filter short words" - How can I set this to 0? If I have a product with the letter "a" and set it to 1, it will remove the letter "a". e.g. "this-is-a-product-p-1.html" becomes this-is-product-p-1.html. The main thing I like about this is that I can use paths for products, i.e. category/product.html which the chemo one does do. However my images/css use paths and not absolute URLs, so the page doesnt work properly. I cannot change these to absolute URLs because if I use http://www.mysite.com/stylesheet.css it will work, but when a user goes to the https (secure) part of the site they will get a "this website contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection" popup on every HTTPS page. Hope that makes sense :P Any help on this would be apreciated :)
  4. ok, but I think it may, I will explain why... When you go to the "dummy" (non-existing) category it has a "lets see what we have here"...There are currently no products in the range message. (and a 200 response) So if you have lots of them saved in google it will look like duplicate content, wont it? I had a similar issue with the "product not found" a while back before I realised and changed it so it produced 404 headers. I will look at other contributions for dupliate content in the meantime :)
  5. I have this installed and just discovered a problem with the categories. You can enter any number and it will give a 200 "OK" response, even if there is no such a thing. For example if I have: site.com/categoryname-c-45.html It will show. If I enter site.com/categoryname-c-451234567890.html (or anything) it will show a page and give a 200 response. This can cause lots of issues like duplicate content. If you do the same with a product you get a product not found. Is there any way around this? (sorry if this has been reported before) Michael
  6. Michael01

    fast easy checkout

    I would love to use part 1 of this mod, but... What is changed in the checkout_shipping.php ??? I am using a modified version of OSc with templates mod installed, so if i use the included one it does not work. Are there any instructions on getting this working with BTS or the code changes in checkout_shipping.php