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  1. markm

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Thx Jim..I've tried adding that piece of code, but no luck yet. There are a few different references to weight within the Canadapost.php page: $shipping_weight, $total_weight, $weight. Canada post also has some code to calculate the total weight from a per item aray that has per item weight info. I think the following lines are causing me the weight problem (total cart weight being used) $products_array = $cart->get_products(); for ($i=0; $i<count($products_array); $i++) // removed product name being sent to canada post to as some characters will cause Cp to result in an error & % and others in the product name // $this->_addItem ($products_array[$i][quantity], $products_array[$i][final_price], $products_array[$i][weight], $products_array[$i][length], $products_array[$i][width], $products_array[$i][height], $products_array[$i][name], $products_array[$i][ready_to_ship], $products_array[$i][dim_type], $products_array[$i][weight_type]); $this->_addItem ($products_array[$i][quantity], $products_array[$i][final_price], [b]$products_array[$i][weight],[/b] $products_array[$i][length], $products_array[$i][width], $products_array[$i][height], 'online_product', $products_array[$i][ready_to_ship], $products_array[$i][dim_type], $products_array[$i][weight_type]); and these lines of code further down: function _addItem ($quantity, $rate, $weight, $length, $width, $height, $description, $ready_to_ship, $dim_type, $weight_type) { $index = $this->items_qty; $this->item_quantity[$index] = (string)$quantity; $this->item_weight[$index] = ( $weight ? (string)$weight : '0' ); $this->item_length[$index] = ( $length ? (string)$length : '0' ); $this->item_width[$index] = ( $width ? (string)$width : '0' ); $this->item_height[$index] = ( $height ? (string)$height : '0' ); $this->item_description[$index] = $description; $this->item_ready_to_ship[$index] = (string)$ready_to_ship; $this->item_dim_type[$index] = (string)$dim_type; $this->item_weight_type[$index] = (string)$weight_type; $this->items_qty ++; $this->items_price += $quantity * $rate; } After that, the 'weight' and other dimension info is passed to Canada post (at the moment I'm just worried about the weight as I'm not using dimension info for other shipping vendors , will be zero values for products using other shipping vendors so it wont affect the total). What i need is to have just the products with the Vendor ID associated with Canada post to be used for these product/item arrays. Can you let me know if i need to adjust the code above? Or maybe I haven't applied the line of code you sugested earlier. I've tried this below...but makes no difference. What is the difference between $weight and $shipping_weight $shipping_weight = $cart->vendor_shipping[$vendors_id]['weight']; $shipping_weight = round($shipping_weight, 2); Thx for the help
  2. markm

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Hi Howard, Did you have a chance to look at the Canapa Post server to see if its poosible to use with the Estimated Shipping Costs? Mark
  3. Hi Tom, First off, thank God you're back...I would have wasted at least another week trying to get the text watermark to work ;-). Thanks for the help last evening especially. I'll let the others know now what issues I ran into , in case others come across the same problems, and actually read the posts :-). First off the "/" in front of the "includes" in imagemagic.php lines Hallmarc was referring to was the problem I also had. To fix it originally (when Tom was AWOL) I hacked around in my configure.php file and managed to get the image watermark to work. But, the real problem was that this line in configure.php : define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', dirname($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_FILENAME'])); should be as per below, - see the trailing / define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', dirname($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_FILENAME']).'/'); That solved my first problem...it gave me small, category, and heading graghic watermarks. I still did not have popup watermarks. Thanks to Tom, he found that since I had added the "More pics" contribution which modified my popup_image.php file, the mod for "More pics" was causing my graphic popup watermark to fail. The way to resolve it was to revert to the standard popup_image.php file. So no "More pics" for me , at least til someone comes up with a fix for it. My final problem was that my text watermarks broke every one of my images when enabled. Tom did some testing and found I was missing a required GD functionality on my server, but I'll have to let Tom specify the details of that...bottom line I don't have textwatermarks to use on my site...which is ok as I have the graphics watrermark working, which was what I wanted...all the other features work fine. Tom, thanks again...and let me know your link details...great job....good luck at school Mark
  4. Hi, I added: define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', '/mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b0xxxxx/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/'); to includes/configure.php, because as you can see catalog isn't directly in root. After I did this I was able to get graphic watermarks in the small thumbs, category, and heading images. For some reason my pop-up images still do not have a graphic watermark, and imagemagic is not mentioned in the filepath for the displayed popup image. For my text watermarks, all images are broken when i enable any of the text watermarks. I get that "division by zero" error message on line 136, as shown in my previous message above. The site is www.manotechsolutions.com...i have a faint graphic image mark enabled now. Hallmarc , I had the same problem with my grahic images, no error message shown, but adding the absolute path in configure.php seemed to enable most of my graphic images. Glad to see your back Tom... Mark
  5. ok...so I didn't give up..actually made a bit of progress.. I had to go into my configure.php file and specify my absolute path differently. I added define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', '/mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b0xxxxx/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/'); and voila...I was able to get my graphic watermark to work everywhere except in the popups for some reason (imagemagic is no in the filename for popups:I'm not sure if this should be the case) My test watermarks do not work at all, Images get broken..this is the image error message (cut and paste image error to address bar): Warning: Division by zero in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 136 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php:136) in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 487 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php:136) in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 488 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php:136) in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 489 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php:136) in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 490 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php:136) in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 491 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php:136) in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 492 Warning: imagecreate(): Invalid image dimensions in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 494 Warning: imagecolorallocate(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 495 Warning: imagecolorallocate(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 496 Warning: imagefilledrectangle(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 498 Warning: imagestring(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 500 Warning: imagejpeg(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 503 Warning: imagedestroy(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/b022acdc/www/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/imagemagic.php on line 504 hmmm...line 136 refers to this line of code in imagemegic.php $reduction_ratio = !isset($over_ride_width)?$_GET['w'] / $image[0]:1; Could this be due to me only using a image width only, hight is blank in admin/images? Or is this division by 0 referring to something else? And why does it only come up when I try text watermarks? Hmmmm Any thoughts? Mark
  6. Hi Hallmarc, Can you post your configure.php files for me (without the database info of course). Catalog/includes and admin/includes..... I just want to check the DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT before I throw in the towel...I'd be happy to at least get the test watermark to work. Yes, I tried changinging the resize setting but it didn't make a difference for me either. One thing I did try was to change the path in the imagemagic.php file (this is where the DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT reference is found. I changed the path in the file to include catalog, and when I did that, it no longer broke my images when I tried the watermark....but still no watermark. But it made me suspicious of the DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT parameter...and the fact I didn't have DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT in my includes/configure.php file makes me wonder.... this is about it for me as well... Mark
  7. GD Support enabled GD Version bundled (2.0.28 compatible) GIF Read Support enabled GIF Create Support enabled JPG Support enabled PNG Support enabled WBMP Support enabled XBM Support enabled
  8. Hi Hallmarc, Ok so I couldn't get muyself to give up...it seems so close I checked my includes/configure.php and I don't have a reference to DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT , in the file, maybe this is hosing up my watermarks? Unless its inferred somehow? In admin/includes/config I have a reference to it: define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', $DOCUMENT_ROOT . '/www' . '/mystore/nfoscomm/catalog/' ); // where your pages are located on the server. My absolute path (looking at admin/tools/server info) is: _SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] /mnt/web_d/d26/s23/zzzzzzzz I tried adding this to my catalog/includes/configure.php define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/mnt/web_d/d26/s23/zzzzzzzz/'); // where the pages are located on the server Adding this didn't seem to make a differnce... Its odd that there was no 'DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT' entry in configure.php, but I have seen other prople who use netfirms (my host) have a similar problem with other contributions...I just haven't seen a fix yet Do you think I'm on the right path, or spinning my wheels? I'm just a hack at this... Can you let me know the format of your configure.php files...thx Mark
  9. Thx again Hallmarc, I tried with your admin settings and my watermarks still don't work. Thx for the help though. I also have the More pics contribution installed but haven't added any extra product pics (had just installed that contribution before this one). I must have a conflict with that module or someother contribution. I guess I'll just leave it as is, maybe Tom come back with Elvis sometime :-) Spent way too much time on this one... Thx again Mark
  10. markm

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    ok, thanks for the info...I'll try adding the UPS Rates and services without the Dimentions piece (adding dimensions seems to have a separate set of instructions). Hopefully it will work with the Canada Post with dimensions contribution. I'll watch for your UPS updates as well... Thx again, mark
  11. Tooom, come back ;) Thx Hallmarc...well at least you got the text watermark working...were there any tricks to getting the text to work?
  12. Hi, I can't seem to get the watermark function to work at all. If i enable the test watermark it breaks my images...if I enable the graphics watermark using the files supplied with the contribution i just get the images with no watermark, but it doesn't break the images at least. Site is www DOT manotechsolutions DOT com Let me know if you have any ideas...images apear to be using the imagemagic functionality...frames and bevels fine too.. stumped Mark
  13. markm

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi, This question maybe answered somewhere in the earlier 34 pages, blink: I already have the Canada Post with dimensions contribution installed and working, how much of the UPS UPS XML rates and services contribution do I need to install? According to the Canada Post Contibution notes it just a 10 minute upgrade to add the UPS Rates and Services functionality. Do I need to install everying in the UPS Rates and Services (including the optional dimensions file mods and sql update) if I already have the Canada Post with dimensions contributions installed? Once again, sorry if this has already been answered... Mark