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  1. Hi, Found the problem: the code to be put in footer.php was at the very end of the file--which is after the banner section. I put it above that and it's now working. Thanks Linda for suggesting I take a look there. Didn't catch it the last 20 or so times I looked at that file but this time it worked! Thanks again, Joseph
  2. Hi Linda, Thanks for responding. First I'd like to say how much I appreciate your great contributions and your guidance in these forums. I checked footer.php just to be sure and the code is there. I'm completely stumped! Has anyone had this problem before? It's very strange. Thanks, Joseph
  3. I took everything out and reinstalled it from scratch again but the same problem persists: only admin is being tracked; not users. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks, Joseph
  4. Hi, I can't get user tracking at all--only admin tracking which is working fine. User tracking is "on" and I double and triple checked to make sure all files are uploaded and modded as described in the instructions. What am I missing? Please help. I'm running MS2 and installed version 1.35. Thanks, Joseph
  5. Ok, got it to work. When I upgraded to MS2 I changed require (includes/application_top.php'); to require ('includes/filesnames.php'); So, I added application_top back and it's working again. Joseph
  6. Hi, I upgraded to MS2 and reapplied "User Tracking w/Admin" but now I'm getting the exact same error. How can we fix this? Thanks, Joseph
  7. j007w

    Manual Entry question

    Is there another contribution that can do manual orders? I haven't found any yet but thought maybe someone would know of an existing one or one being developed.
  8. Ok, now I'm getting fatal errors not finding the user_tracking.php file in the catalog. I copied the file back in catalog/includes/functions/user_tracking.php so that both catalog and admin folders have the same file. No error messages yet. Is it ok to do this? Please help. Thanks, Joseph
  9. Not sure if this would cost any harm or enaccuracies, but I moved the catalog/includes/functions/user_tracking.php to admin/includes/functions/user_tracking.php. Then changed admin/includes/footer.php to the following: <?php /*user tracking admin contribution*/ require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'user_tracking.php'); if ( ADMIN_CONFIG_USER_TRACKING == 'true') { tep_update_user_tracking(); } ?> Everything seems fine so far. Did I mess up the code in any way? Thanks, Joseph http://www.intelligencegroup.net
  10. I have the exact problem but couldn't find an answer. I have the admin folder on the same level as the catalog folder instead of inside it. Can someone please help? Thanks, Joseph