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  1. MrPhil

    Please help me with login problem

    Check your configure.php files for an entry which is normally something like "/catalog", but you may have changed it to "/" instead of "" when you installed in the root (a bad idea, but that may be water under the bridge). If you're sure your host didn't sneak in a PHP upgrade, your HTTPS/SSL work must be to blame. Can you show us what you changed? There would be changes in the configure.php files and in .htaccess URL redirects/rewrites.
  2. There is no 2.4.3. There is a, which I presume you mean. Do not upgrade to the "official" downloadable from this site; it is obsolete. Use osC 2.3.41BS "Frozen" (see link below in my signature) to get: PHP 7.1 capable, mobile-friendly, many new features, and more secure than the official release. You will end up having to do a fresh install of Frozen, and then migrate your database (and other data, such as images) over to the new system. This is done manually by comparing the old and new DB schemas. Finally, you have to determine what add-ons and custom work was done on the old sites, and how you will handle them on the new versions. There has been discussion here and there on the details of doing the conversion, but that's the gist of it.
  3. MrPhil

    ELI5: Hooks vs. Modules (Bootstrap Edition) "Frozen" is stable and production ready. "Edge" is still under development, can change day to day, and is considered "unstable" (although, quite usable). You should use Frozen (which is Bootstrap 3) unless you have an overriding need for Bootstrap 4 (Edge) and you're willing to put up with instabilities in your production store.
  4. MrPhil

    Please help me with login problem

    First, why do you double the slash after the domain? It should be a single slash: https://www.bibbtool.com/login.php When the osCsid is given, and you click on that link, it doesn't work? You're not saving that link for later and typing it back in (or cut and pasting)?
  5. MrPhil

    getting 'easy' csv import to work

    Just add him to your "Ignored Users" list, and be done with it.
  6. MrPhil

    Please help me with login problem

    Also useful would be exactly what version of osCommerce (and whether "official" or "community edition"), exactly what PHP version (and whether your host just upgraded PHP), and any other information that might be useful in diagnosing the problem.
  7. MrPhil

    Fake accounts

    "Albania"? Is that in quotes because you think it's a fake country name? Just curious... yes, it is ex-Soviet Bloc. Watch Wag the Dog.
  8. 30 days might be a little quick on the draw. I wonder if there is legal precedent to say that's too soon to discard records? I would think that 6 to 12 months' retention of shipping information would stand up in court if someone sued you for non-delivery. Other information on the order should probably be retained for at least 12 months, perhaps longer (especially for warranty periods, not to mention financial records and tax filings). At some point you should be able to reasonably say, "Enough! I've held on to this information for long enough."
  9. Email 5 minutes later: "Hey, where's my package??!"
  10. MrPhil


    Do our moderators have the ability to move misplaced threads into the right area? If they do, they should be doing so! Assume that it's "official" if the poster doesn't state their osC version.
  11. Never try to run a live, public-facing website on your own server. Hackers know far more about security vulnerabilities than you ever will, and they will eat your lunch. It's OK to run your own server if you're only playing around to see if you want to get into running a site, or experimenting with something like a PHP version that your commercial host doesn't yet support. Otherwise, stick with a professional hosting service. Since you're just starting out, make sure you are running the right osCommerce if you actually want to run a production store. It should be "Frozen" (or, if you're adventurous and don't mind constant changes, "Edge"). Do NOT under any circumstances run the "official" release -- it is totally obsolete. Do not run osC v 3.0 -- it is experimental/developmental. Don't even try running osC 2.4 -- it's not really yet ready for production use. Ignore instructions to chmod to 777. They're just telling you that the PHP process running on the server needs to be able to read and write the files. First of all, .php files rarely need the execute bit set any more (so 666 would be sufficient). Second, many modern servers don't even allow "world writable" files or directories, and will give you a 500 error if you try. Always start with typical default file permissions (usually 644) and add write permissions (+020 and/or +002) as needed. Instructions to chmod to 777 may have been reasonable 20 or 30 years ago, but back then you could trust anyone else sharing your machine to be honorable. You can't now. Always start with the most restrictive permissions your site will function with, and loosen restrictions only upon demonstrated need.
  12. MrPhil


    You should not be using osC v 3.x unless you are a very experienced developer. It is an experimental/developmental version which will probably never see the light of day. What you should be using is the community-supported osC "Frozen". If you're experienced enough to deal with an unstable, constantly changing version, there's also "Edge".
  13. MrPhil

    Compare my shop with "Frozen"

    I take it that someone massively modified your copy of pre-Frozen, and thus it would be difficult to modify a stock Frozen copy to match? If it wasn't tremendously modified, you may want to consider starting with the current Frozen and (slightly) modifying it to do what you want. That would probably be a lot easier.
  14. MrPhil

    Compare my shop with "Frozen"

    Yes, you can give WinMerge two directories and it will tell you files were added/deleted and which files are different. Then you can click on a "changed" file to get a line-by-line report of the differences.
  15. MrPhil

    Adding images into product description

    No virus at all.  is the UTF-8 Byte Order Mark. You're using a dipshit editor that insists on inserting the BOM at the beginning of any file you create in UTF-8 encoding. That includes most Microsoft editors. Either find a way to turn off adding BOM, or get a better editor (e.g., Notepad++ or ViM).