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  1. If you have a properly registered trademark that this guy is violating (infringing upon), your government may be able to help you out (depending on the type of trademark, whether he's in the same country, etc.). If you have a written contract with him, it should define if and how he can use your mark. If there is no written agreement, you're probably out of luck. In any case, you're usually going to have to spend the money to bring in a lawyer/attorney/barrister.
  2. Shopping cart cleanup

    Have you looked at https://apps.oscommerce.com/bY2eV&recover-cart-sales-for-osc-2-3-1 You might have to update it for modern osC releases. At least, it might provide you with a starting point.
  3. How Do I Edit "Contact Information" Page?

    1. Keep a copy of your site on your PC, as backup (if nothing else) 2. Learn to use text-searching tools such as grep (Linux) and findstr (Windows) to search for strings in all your files. They will tell you which file(s) a string is found in.
  4. No images at all? Check to see if your .htaccess has "hotlink protection" enabled (usually it's for image files) and whether you need to whitelist your store's domain. Are your image file permissions the same as for your PHP files? (readable by everyone)
  5. New to OSCommerce

    Could you clarify what you are looking to do? Are you creating a website to sell, trade, or otherwise distribute coupons (make sure you can legally transfer coupons... some are marked "non-transferable"!)? Or are you looking to sell other things on an osC store site and want customers to be able to use coupons? With such clarification, perhaps you could get some responses here. Note that if you want to start an osC store, be sure to use "Edge", and not the official distribution.
  6. Admin Area Having Errors

    Exactly which osC version are you using? The current up to date version is 2.3.4[.1]BS Edge, available on GitHub (see my sig). If you added old code (add-ons or custom) to it, that code may be looking for old "defines" such as table names, that have been removed from the current version. Other missing defines (now hard coded) may be causing you the other problems. Anyway, your starting point is to find exactly what version you're on, and whether you're making changes that expect all the old table and file name defines which are now missing. I think there is a "compatibility" add-on somewhere that puts these defines back in.
  7. login to admin area not working

    Did you install manually a copy from the GitHub repository? If not, you're using the "official" release. While the osC owner calls this "PHP 7 ready", supposedly all he did is suppress the "deprecated" warnings when running on PHP 7. I don't trust this version not to have subtle bugs when running at PHP 5.5 or higher. If you're just starting out, do it right by installing and using the "Edge" version (see my sig below). It's got a lot of bug fixes, is fully PHP 7.0 ready, has new features, and best of all is responsive. Run the following .php script to get information about your PHP installation, including the version: <?php phpinfo(); ?> Do not publicly give out the URL of your script or list all the output; it contains information that might be useful to a hacker. Regarding the subdomain showing in the URL, did you put the subdomain name (as subdomain.domain.com) in the configure.php files, rather than domain.com/subdomain/? If so, some hosts need an .htaccess redirect to take domain.com/subdomain/ and turn it back into subdomain.domain.com. I'm assuming you're using the term "subdomain" correctly, and not actually referring to an "add-on" domain (where you should see www.addonname.com instead of www.domain.com/addon/).
  8. login to admin area not working

    What version of osC, and what version of PHP? osC "Edge" is the only really up to date version that you should be using, known to work well up through at least PHP 7.0. Note that it's not the "official" osC release!
  9. Website gone strange!

    Also go into your hosting control panel and list all your files and look at their "last modified" timestamps. See if there are any recent changes to files that you can't account for. They could indicate a hack. Old versions of osC (and old PHP versions) are quite vulnerable to hacks.
  10. can oscommerce do digital downloads?

    Does Edge now include all the capability of Super Download Shop, or is that add-on still necessary for maximum security? (preventing D/L without paying, preventing multiple D/Ls, etc.) I see SDS hasn't been updated for quite a while (not since Tom Hayden died), so I'm guessing it's not Edge-compatible at this time.
  11. Website gone strange!

    As Jack said, the host probably upgraded PHP (and probably MySQL, too). How ancient an osC system are you on? The only current system is 2.3.4BS "Edge" -- anything older won't even run on current hosting PHP levels. BTW, what is your host running on, and did they just upgrade from what? Unfortunately, you can't install any site software just once, and expect it to run forever. Hosts update, and eventually your software will break, as incompatibilities accumulate. You need to make an effort to stay "reasonably" up to date (no more than a year or two behind the latest release).
  12. Detect if a product is special

    Have you confirmed that tep_get_products_special_price() returns a null and not a 0 or other unexpected result if the product does not have a special price? I'm always a bit leery of code that doesn't explicitly return a null, but relies on something of a side-effect of something not being set (possibly NULL default) in the database. See if == null or != null might be needed, rather than !== or === comparisons. When you say "it didn't work", that means that $ifspecial is never being set true, even when it should be? You might want to check if you need a different comparison for setting $ifspecial. That would be my best guess for where the problem is.
  13. You will have customers who are not paying close enough attention, or think that Purple Wodget is just a new name for Blue Widget. Therefore, I think it's risky to actually go (redirect) to another product's page. You are going to get complaints that you shipped the wrong product, or even legal action if a Purple Wodget is more expensive than the Blue Widget they had intended to buy. I think it's safest to stay on the Blue Widget page (can't order one), and offer links to other product pages, such as Purple Wodgets. Besides, you could potentially offer several alternative products (as links), rather than forcing just one. Another thought: what happens to Search Engine rankings if you auto-redirected to Purple Wodgets? Any penalties for "duplicate content" with Blue Widgets? Will Blue Widgets disappear from results?
  14. Some time ago, either Gary or Jack supplied code to do a math CAPTCHA, where the answer is supplied in the prompt, in case someone misunderstands the question or can't do math(!). I tarted it up a bit to give a variety of prompts, and a variety of answer formats, to discourage bots, and put it on a site Contact page. Unfortunately, I'm now getting an increasing amount of spam through this, which may mean that the bots have cracked it. I may try taking the answer out of the prompt to see what happens, if the amount of spam becomes annoying enough.