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  1. Dear Phil:

    Sorry for disturb you.

    I send to you this private communication because of the nature of the subject and because it seems that I think that 'you are the boss' in this field.

    I would like to ask you if you know that someone worked in a (may be a false news, I don't know) in a possible 'security breach' in osCom (dated 20 April) ?

    Please see here, in the 'Harald Ponce de Leon's file':


    As Harald seems to be absent from 14 Feb.... :wacko:

    1. MrPhil


      I wouldn't worry about it (for now). I'm sure the other developers have seen that posting by now, and would have raised the alarm if there was really something going on. People are constantly sounding alarms over security problems, but most end up being on very old versions, if they were even real. It may also be someone trying to drum up business for a security firm (basically, spam). By the way, a status update is not a private communication -- I suspect that all other members will be able to see this conversation.

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