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  1. No one has congratulated Dan yet for MOTM? OK, I'll do it. Well done old chap!

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    2. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      What do you mean old? In any case...thanks guys!

    3. ArtcoInc
    4. Lioelx


      Congratulations Dan, tanks for your help!!!

  2. Thank you very much for MOTM recognition! It's a great honor.

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    2. PupStar
    3. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Congrats again MrPhil! You put alot of time and effort into responding to posts...well deserved.

    4. Tsimi
  3. Article on why shoppers abandon carts; http://poachit-tips.tumblr.com/post/56438230862/4-reasons-why-you-didnt-just-buy-that?utm_source=taboola . 2&3 you can't do much about, but 1 (sticker shock on taxes & shipping) & 4 (coupons) you might.

    1. greasemonkey


      Very interesting article. Always new the number 1 reason for cart abandonment was shipping. But, I never considered the discount code box as reason...