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  1. Shut down your shop in an orderly manner so that you don't overlook any last-minute orders placed by customers. You need to back up 1) your site files, and 2) your database. Your host should have tools to help with at least the database part. There may also be a tool to consolidate all your files together into one backup of some format. Then you can download the files via your hosting control panel or an FTP client, to your PC. When ready to restore on a new host, you reverse the process. You will need to adjust the path names, etc. in the configure.php files, and account for any other differences, such as a change of domain name.
  2. MrPhil

    Main page not loading

    It's certainly possible that your host upgraded MySQL to a more recent version that requires you to put all referenced fields (like products_ordered) in the SELECT list. Often one host's hand doesn't know what the other is doing, and word of system upgrades doesn't filter down to the support desk. You can run the following PHP script: <?php phpinfo(); ?> and see what it tells you you're running for PHP and MySQL levels. If you have no idea what you were running before, this may not be of much help, unless your host can confirm that they upgraded recently. If you did nothing, and your host swears up and down that they haven't touched anything (yeah, right!), that leaves only two alternatives: your server had a hardware failure that neatly snipped out a piece of code (very unusual), or a hacker has been messing around. For the latter situation, get a directory listing of your site and look for osC files with a recent "last modified" date that no one can explain. Then you compare those files against a known good backup (...oh wait, you don't keep backups, do you?). As you're running very old osC 2.3.4, it's quite likely that a recent system PHP/MySQL upgrade has broken something. I don't think it will run past PHP 5.4 (and the matching MySQL level, whatever that is). The current osC Frozen (or Edge), a.k.a. "CE", will handle up to PHP 7.1. For any of us to advise you to upgrade to it, we need to know what PHP and MySQL you're running on.
  3. Eh? You're talking about the same thing! Anyway, there are up to four layers of protection to keep bad guys out of your shop administration: Using SSL so they can't "snoop" on the admin traffic. The whole site should be under SSL (https) these days, so that's a moot point. Administrator ID and password -- not easily guessable, right? Unguessable admin directory name. The first thing every hacker tries is to get into your <domain>/admin area, so changing admin to something weird is good. Server "password protection" on admin and everything under it. This means having to "log in" a second time to get in. Of course, the ID and password you use is different from the Administrator ID and password, right? Number 4 is the issue at hand. You are much better off using your control panel's "password protect a directory" function than trying to install the files supplied with osCommerce. The former is guaranteed to work and is easy to install, while the latter is iffy and difficult to install. The only downside to using your control panel function is that osC's security check may not recognize that you did it, and report that there is no password protection, when there is. If you have to give two separate logins to get to your admin functions, it's working. Many sites choose not to do #4. It's less secure, but that's up to your comfort level.
  4. "frozenbs4" is not the same as "frozen" from GitHub. It is a development system using Bootstrap v4. I don't know why Gary is doing BS4 on Frozen rather than just Edge, but apparently that's the story.
  5. Avoid the "Gold" release ... it's quite old now. You should use either "Frozen" (stable release of "Edge", about 6 months ago), or if you're a bit more adventurous, "Edge" (unstable development version). If you have to ask, I would suggest "Frozen". There is a discussion about bug patches for Frozen that you should look at. Both versions are supported by the community here.
  6. Sigh. Between being too lazy to type a query, and going back to hieroglyphics (the use of emojis), I fear we are in End Times. That said, hopefully there's not too much to do to make any site ready for voice interaction. Does that include filling forms, scrolling, clicking links, zooming, etc.? I don't approve of it, except for use by the physically handicapped or in special cases (e.g., a mechanic with greasy hands using the Web to look up information), but I suppose it's going to happen.
  7. MrPhil

    newsletter never be able to send out

    Yes, that happens. People are stupid. Anyway, you minimize that by reminding recipients right at the top of the email that they signed up for this email, and give easy instructions to be unsubscribed. If you show that to your host when someone reports you as a spammer, they should go easy on you. If not, find another host. Now are you also having problems with no regular emails (order notice to you, order acknowledgment to customer) or just with newsletters? These could be two separate problems. Is your email forwarder blocked as spam? Is it working for emails coming from the outside world? It sounds like either your host is incompetent, or you are giving them vague and unhelpful information. At the least, can you change you setup so that you send directly to the aol.com address rather than to your site (avoiding the forwarder)? Some hosts don't like email from one address on a site to another address on the same site.
  8. MrPhil

    newsletter never be able to send out

    You've got to find out exactly what's going on here... they have no business interfering with legitimate (opt-in) emailings from a business customer, but they do have the right to limit the rate at which emails are sent (and received), to avoid overwhelming their system and/or being labeled a spammer by other hosts. Any legitimate host is going to have email "caps" limiting traffic by the minute, hour, and day. It's your job to find out what these caps are, and use email software that can be configured to obey them. If last time, you simply dumped 3500 emails in the hopper at once, it wouldn't be surprising if any host slapped you down. Say the caps are typical: 10 per minute, 300 per hour, 4000 per day*. You should be able to get through your mailing list in 12 hours if you space them out properly (5 per minute constantly). This would be a considerable task to do manually, even for a one-off job, but there are plenty of mailers that can do it. It becomes a matter of how much manual labor is needed to get the address list to the mailer. Some systems may directly connect to your osC database and only require you to press the "send" button, while others will require you to go into phpMyAdmin and export the customer table as a CSV. That may be tolerable for once or twice a year. Some mailers may be able to "shuffle" your address list so that one service (e.g., yahoo.com) doesn't get a huge slug of emails in one burst, and retaliate by blocking your server as a spammer. They would dole out emails as evenly as possible among target services to avoid tripping blockers. I've heard of people having had to resort to this. Also, be aware of whether your host counts incoming emails against your rate caps, which would mean you have to keep somewhat under the caps for outgoing emails. * Yes, these are burst rates. At 10 emails a minute, you would exhaust your hourly quota in 30 minutes, etc.
  9. MrPhil

    Main page not loading

    The regular (official) 2.3.4 and not the BS (responsive) version? That's quite old, and will fail if the new server is a current (supported) level of PHP and MySQL.
  10. MrPhil

    Main page not loading

    And exactly what version of osCommerce? If you're running something old, and your new server has a higher level of PHP or MySQL, that could do you in. Also, can you check the files against a known-good backup, to see if anything was corrupted during the move?
  11. Before spending any more time investigating this, make sure your browser isn't using a cached page or image. Either clear your browser's cache, or hit F5 or Ctrl+F5 on that page, and see if it doesn't change.
  12. MrPhil

    newsletter never be able to send out

    I hear that a lot of people do use Mailchimp, so I would make sure I did a look around this forum for discussion. Some major developers like @burt work on it, and may have add-ons (possibly paid). There are other newsletter managers, such as PHPlist, but I don't think they're well integrated into osC (i.e., it's a manual DB operation to export the mail addresses to it). Look around. Do you need just boilerplate for a mailing, or do you need customer-specific customization of the newsletter content (e.g., a different letter or section for someone you haven't seen in a while, versus a frequent repeat customer, versus...)? A few things to keep in mind with newsletters and mailing lists: Make sure your customer has to explicitly opt in to receiving mailings. It is not only unethical, but in many places illegal, to default check the opt-in box, or have to explicitly opt out. In each mailing, remind the recipient that they signed up for this, and give them a link to easily unsubscribe. This cuts down on your being reported as a spammer. Choose a mailer which can be configured to respect your host's email rate caps (emails per minute, hour, day) and total bandwidth. You don't want to get your host upset with you.
  13. MrPhil

    Video questions 2.3.4BS Gold

    That sounds like a call to htmlspecialchars() or maybe htmlentities() to turn < into &lt;, > into &gt;, or & into &amp; (and maybe others). That would disarm HTML tags and make them non-functional (also makes them display as-is). Many WYSIWYG editors routinely do this, although there should be a switch somewhere to suppress this for desired entries you actually want to be treated as HTML tags.
  14. MrPhil

    Where is OSCOM_Hooks defined?

    Before going off on a wild goose chase, is this the official release (from this site) or is it Edge or Frozen community-supported release (on GitHub)? I'm not sure they behave the same way WRT hooks. An add-on intended for Edge or Frozen may not work properly on the official release. Anyway, you've gone down a dead-end road if you're on the official release.
  15. MrPhil

    Please Review my Website

    Site is up, but there are some errors listed. By the way, is this osCommerce? I looked through the source listing, and I didn't see anything familiar looking. If it's not osC, it should be removed from this forum immediately.
  16. MrPhil

    Offsite Product linking?

    Please use "code" tags (or click on <> and enter your code there) so that everything doesn't get run together: Find function display_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity = 1) { return $this->format($this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity)); } Replace with function display_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity = 1) { if ($products_price > 0.01) { return $this->format($this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity)); } else { return 'Buy on Amazon'; } } (you were missing a }, by the way). Even better than just returning a string "Buy on Amazon", make that a link, something like return '<a href="https://amazon.com/......">' . $txt['buyOnAmazon'] . '</a>'; where you have defined a "Buy on Amazon" language string, in case you're handling more than just English. Of course, keep in mind that the link to Amazon has to be manually maintained and kept updated if it changes or goes away. I think there are some add-ons for linking to Amazon that handle this stuff for you -- you might want to check them out and see if they do the job.
  17. MrPhil

    Video questions 2.3.4BS Gold

    How are you editing this "snippet"? Are you saying that you can successfully add it via CKeditor, but if you edit it via CKeditor, it immediately vanishes? That sounds like a bug in CKeditor if it's losing pure HTML content. Does it not immediately vanish when you save your edit, but disappear some time later? Are you able to add it back in with the CKeditor? You might want to browse the product data table in phpMyAdmin (or equivalent) to see if the HTML "snippet" truly vanished, or is still hiding in there somewhere. If you want to autoplay a video, please be considerate of your customers. At least mute the sound so that their co-workers don't get irritated by it.
  18. MrPhil

    osCommerce V2.3.4.1 Japanese

    It is unfortunate if you based your work on the official release, as it is totally obsolete. You may want to port your work over to "Frozen", or even "Edge". If all it is a Japanese language file add-on, that should not be much work. If you went and added new function, that's more work. Please respect the osCommerce license and the hard work of many people, even if you are not selling it, and consider making an add-on package that can be distributed from this site (rather than being off on some separate site). Google Translate: あなたが2.3.4.1の公式リリースに基づいていれば、それはまったく時代遅れなので残念です。 "Frozen"または "Edge"に作業を移植することができます。 すべてが日本語のファイルのアドオンであれば、それほど大きな作業ではありません。 あなたが行って新しい機能を追加した場合、それはより多くの作業です。 osCommerceライセンスと多くの人々の努力を尊重してください。たとえそれを販売していなくても、(別のサイトではなく)このサイトから配布できるアドオンパッケージを作成することを検討してください。 Anata ga 2. 3. 4. 1 No kōshiki rirīsu ni motodzuite ireba, sore wa mattaku jidaiokurenanode zan'nendesu. 2. 3. 4. 1 BS" furōzun" matawa" Edge" ni sagyō o ishoku suru koto ga dekimasu. Subete ga nihongo no fairu no adōndeareba, sorehodo ōkina sagyōde wa arimasen. Anata ga okonatte atarashī kinō o tsuika shita baai, soreha yori ōku no sagyōdesu. OsCommerce raisensu to ōku no hitobito no doryoku o sonchō shite kudasai. Tatoe sore o hanbai shite inakute mo,(-betsu no saitode wanaku) kono saito kara haifu dekiru adoonpakkēji o sakusei suru koto o kentō shite kudasai.
  19. MrPhil

    APACHE AH01797 error message

    I doubt that "Options -Indexes" would cause the reported symptoms. All it does is keep visitors from browsing that directory by forbidding the automatic creation of an "index" file (which lists and links to all the files in the directory) if none exists. It could cause a 500 error if your host has banned the "Options" command. Is one logged anywhere? Otherwise, I don't think that reading or writing a file in a directory would cause .htaccess to be run, but it's always possible. Yes you are. You're on the Internet, so we know.
  20. MrPhil

    APACHE AH01797 error message

    "client denied by server configuration" can be caused by an IP block, but possibly there are other causes. The first thing is to check your .htaccess file(s) for an IP deny list, and make sure you didn't get swept up in it by accident. That's unlikely, if some accesses still get through. Then check your .htaccess file(s) for anything blocking on certain URL Query Strings that might be showing up (e.g., "edit" in the QS). Maybe your host slipped in something there without your realizing it. If that doesn't do the job, you'll have to talk with your host to see if they're blocking something upstream from you. Many hosts will IP block a visitor (upstream from your .htaccess) if an IP address is repeatedly connecting very frequently, or using a lot of time on each access. Maybe you tripped something doing bulk picture-loading page accesses. In that case, explain to your host and ask to be removed from the block list. Then be careful about spacing out your site accesses so as not to trip it again.
  21. Being in the US, I'm not (yet) affected by this sort of thing, but it brings up an interesting point. I'm seeing more and more validation schemes and security measures being pushed on me that require a cell or smart phone (some sort of texting or SMS involved, I guess). I live in the wilds of upstate New York, and the nearest reliable cell signal is about 3 miles (5 km) down the road. I'd love to ditch my landline and just have a smart phone, but short of nationalizing telecom in order to get 100% coverage, it will probably be a while before I get service. Why can't they just have an alternate method where you can dial in and use a touchtone keypad to enter a code? Is anyone out there still actually using a rotary dial phone? Until a couple decades ago there were still some small independent phone companies in the US where you cranked the handle and asked the operator to connect you! Really.
  22. Anything in this thread which is an enhancement request or an Edge-only bug should be moved to a different thread, or at least clearly listed here as such. Only genuine bugs in Frozen should be here, so that someone could get the Frozen release, manually fix the listed bugs, and not get tangled up in Gary's ongoing Edge work (e.g., Bootstrap v4). Enhancements should be kept out of the Frozen bug list, and leave them for Gary to put into Edge (as he wishes). Wasn't that the original intent of this thread? Maybe Gary will decide at some point to release an updated Frozen, or more likely, a new milestone for Edge ("Slushy") that incorporates all the Frozen bug fixes, plus some enhancements. In case anyone's still using Gold, bug fixes might indicate if they were for Gold only but already fixed in Frozen. Someone is going to have to decide what to do about support for older releases (Gold, Frozen [eventually]), and whether to force people to move to a recent release. Considering that some stores are still running on MS2, it's clear that some store owners are very resistant to upgrading. I don't think I would want to use pre-made patches for Frozen (say, in GitHub) that had not been inspected and approved by Gary, and that is placing even more of a burden on him. I think fixes should simply be listed here and it's the responsibility of whoever is applying them to decide that they are good. Maybe the report of a fix, supporting commentary and discussion (including fixes to the fix) could be consolidated somewhere, perhaps on GitHub?
  23. MrPhil

    Paypal why this error now?

    Cyber Week and the Christmas rush... what better time to disable someone's site? Lesson learned: keep on top of domain registration, hosting, SSL cert, payment system certs, etc. expirations and put them on your calendar to take care of before they bring down your site!
  24. I just get a little peeved at people who should know better, but don't trim out the noise surrounding/after the real bug. It's OK to mention that there were "a bunch of 'Headers already sent' messages", but to clog up the forum with unnecessary cut and paste is annoying to have to read through. Also, one copy of a real bug line with "this was repeated many times" is much better than cut & paste 500 lines of repetitions like some neophytes do. Grrr. I need another cuppa joe.
  25. Lots of things could have gone wrong. Did you move to a different server and not update your .htaccess file's redirections and rewrites, especially if file paths (directories) changed? Did someone update .htaccess and botch the job ?