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  1. And just what the fuck was "pointless" about asking him to confirm what he had installed? The current setup can be quite confusing to those who haven't been closely following the discussion. Gary doesn't help by refusing to properly label his releases, either in the version number or the repository file name, and it's very easy to get mixed up and think that the official download is the same one as the download being suggested. I didn't tell the OP to reinstall -- that's his choice. I did tell him to double check where his install came from.
  2. The interface is a bit different on the BS version, so I thought I'd check. People see the "official" download is, so they assume that it's the BS version, which is also It's not. I think that link is to the good "Frozen", but you might want to check it against the "Frozen" link in my signature, which is a/the good version. Unfortunately, Gary (Burt) refuses to put a unique identifier in his releases, and does not give repository link and file names that clearly differentiate versions. Too bad... otherwise his work is great. It would be superb if he would just do that. Then there would be absolutely no confusion about what BS version you're dealing with.
  3. I'm quite sure that 2.3.4BS will not run properly under PHP 7.2. I don't think it will run on 7.1, and for that matter, probably not 7.0. It's fairly old. You should replace it with "Frozen" and migrate your data over. Frozen works up through PHP 7.1. It doesn't work with 7.2, but "Edge" might at this point, if you absolutely must be running at that PHP level.
  4. MrPhil

    Oscommerce websites for sale?

    No, there's nothing here to buy and sell sites. What would that do for you anyway? Getting the store itself installed is maybe 5% of the labor. The rest is customizing it to your needs, and loading your products. Post in the Commercial Services area to get a quote on having someone set up your store for you.
  5. Only 5.3 and 7.2 are available? That's a pretty pathetic selection. PHP 5.3 is long, long obsolete, and I'm not sure that either Frozen or Edge will successfully run on it. PHP 7.2, while the mainstream PHP release at the moment, is pretty advanced for most software out there that site owners have installed. As I said, Frozen won't run on it, and Edge may have trouble. Are you sure that PHP 5.6, 7.0, or (best) 7.1 aren't available to you?
  6. There is no update package. You need to install the latest "Edge" version and re-do any customizations you had done. I wouldn't try to update just one small part -- do the whole thing to do it right. I'm not sure if Edge is fully PHP 7.2 compatible -- it may be. Frozen is 7.1 compatible, and definitely has some problems on 7.2. See my signature for links to Frozen and Edge. "Edge" is labeled "master" on GitHub, which may be why you couldn't find it. Be aware that Edge is under constant development, and may not be stable enough for a production store, while Frozen is quite stable (although I would apply the various fixes listed in the thread). No one knows if Gary plans to release an updated Frozen, or just a stable version of Edge to eventually replace it.
  7. A very quick question: you're sure you have the Bootstrap version? You got the installable from GitHub, and not from the Downloads section of this site? The official on this site is an obsolete version, and not the you're looking for.
  8. In any case, ask your host if/how it can be done. Usually it can, even though you may have to manually edit the test directory's .htaccess file. Assuming, of course, that your hosting service supports several PHP versions (the better ones do).
  9. Be careful with "the latest" (Edge) -- I'm not sure that the BS4 portion is considered production-ready (i.e., to use in a real shop with real customers). "Frozen" is BS3 but is quite stable. Yes, most people use a "remote server" (a live production server that they'll be running the real site on). My experience has been that people developing on *AMPP PCs have to put in a lot of effort to convert the finished site to the server's PHP and MySQL levels.
  10. I will strongly second the suggestion to upgrade to the latest osC ("Frozen"). You can even go bleeding edge with "Edge", but don't do that unless you're a competent programmer. Either will require at least PHP 5.6 (better yet, 7.1). Remember that PHP 7.1 is the oldest supported PHP. I also suggest that you not use any *AMPP for development or testing, unless you fall into one of the following two categories: 1) you don't have a real commercial server account and domain yet, and want to play a bit before committing to buying such, or 2) your host does not offer the PHP or MySQL level you need for development work. Never run a real website (especially involving real money) on your PC -- hackers will eat you alive. You really don't save much by developing and testing on your own PC, because usually the differences in PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. will mean a lot of rework when you transfer your "working" site to a real server. If you can, set up a "test" or "development" directory on your real server (password protect it if you want). A blank screen ("White Screen of Death") usually means a severe PHP code error. You might get lucky and find an error message or partial code in "view page source", or an error message logged somewhere on your system.
  11. MrPhil

    Can anyone help this situation

    If the site is fine on another computer, perhaps something in the browser cache is messed up. Try clearing your browser cache and try again. Or, you can press Ctrl+F5 on a bad page, but you might have to do this for a number of pages.
  12. No language support is going to magically appear all by itself, just because you need it. Someone (perhaps you) will have to sit down and manually translate all the language files, and package them up into an "add-on", and put it in the library. Of course, it needs to be thoroughly tested. Make sure you start out with at least the "Frozen" version, and not waste your time translating for obsolete versions of osC. osC is UTF-8, but I don't know if it handles bidirectional languages (including Arabic) properly. Be sure to check here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/q=arabic for earlier translation work that might be a useful start. It doesn't look like there's a full translation for the current version.
  13. MrPhil

    Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

    I would try RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !on [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.datalogger-shop.eu/shop/$1 [R=301,L] This should change http: to https: and add www. to the domain name if it's missing. Sometimes %{HTTPS} acts a little weird, and you may need to test =off or 0 instead of !on. Your host should know for sure. Also, sometimes they add a couple lines to exclude some SSL identification stuff.
  14. MrPhil

    Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

    This redirect will not work correctly. If the incoming URL is http://domain.com..., it will rewrite to https://domain.com..., when the OP wants https://www.domain.com... Or, if the incoming URL is https://www.domain.com, it will redirect to... https://www.domain.com...! (probably a 500 error loop) This is why you never use HTTP_HOST in the rewrite -- you always hard code the domain name (with or without the www, as the version you are trying to use). %{HTTP_HOST} is not some canonical form. It is what the visitor typed in as the address, and could have (at a minimum) www or be missing it.
  15. MrPhil

    SEO friendly URL Issue

    Perhaps if the administrator has not filled in the Title Tag - URL, Ultimate SEO should ignore the order to use the "alternate setting"? Either that, or force the administrator to fill in that field. It sounds like the code is not robust enough.
  16. MrPhil

    Removing fake customers

    Then either the wrong "JOIN" is being used for the purpose, or the resulting data needs to be validated (fixed) in some manner before being used (e.g., creating dummy array). It's still not robust code. Unfortunately, it's probably not trivial to fix it.
  17. MrPhil

    Removing fake customers

    If simply missing data will blow up osC, that's a code error. I'm guessing that this is a very old (2.3.4) version of osC, and it might have been fixed in Frozen.
  18. MrPhil

    Removing fake customers

    Just be careful that if it's a blind person using a screen reader that they don't get blocked by your anti-bot measures. That could even be illegal. You might want to label the input field "anti-spambot measure, leave empty" or something like that, until the spammers wise up and catch on to it! (looking for "leave empty", "leave blank", "don't fill in", "for office use only", etc.) Then you might need to use Javascript to scramble the label so bots can't see it without processing the JS (like email hiding can be done), but a screen reader can still speak it. Or maybe the prompt/label could say "enter 735 here:", where the number is randomly generated. It's a never-ending war...
  19. MrPhil

    os crashed when switched to https

    HOW did you switch to https (SSL)? How did you update BOTH configure.php files? Did you update .htaccess to redirect all incoming http: to https: (R=301)?
  20. MrPhil

    Can't log into Admin

    If you're still having trouble with logging in to admin account, follow these instructions: to wipe out the old administrator(s) and allow you to enter a new one (and its password). If you're still trying to run an old osC on a newer PHP, you may run into problems. Also, go over both your admin files with a fine-toothed comb to see if you have any changes to file paths, domain name, SSL usage, cookies, or anything else that you forgot to update when you moved over to the new server. If you have .htaccess password protection on the admin directory, that's a different issue. You should remove any osC password protection files and use your host's "password protect a directory" function. Or did you already get past that point? As for being unable to install "Frozen", that should probably go in a different thread, in the Community Edition area.
  21. MrPhil

    Removing fake customers

    I presume that's the "official" osC 2.3.4? I'm not sure it will properly run at PHP 5.6. The community-supported osC "Frozen" (see link in my signature) will go to at least PHP 7.1, so you should strongly consider upgrading your shop. As for why only "fake" accounts exhibit this behavior, I have never heard of this behavior. I suppose it's somewhat possible that there is some fishy data stored with these accounts, but offhand I can't think of what it could be. Maybe you could go into phpMyAdmin and take a look at one of these problem-causing fake accounts, and compare them with a normal real account, and see if there is anything in the customer data that looks like a script (HTML tags) or something else odd. Are you sure it's only fake accounts, or are those the only ones you tried this operation on? This is only selecting the account, and you haven't pressed Delete yet?
  22. MrPhil

    Removing fake customers

    Exactly what osC version? What PHP version? Yes, you should worry about such errors.
  23. This might have something to do with an old problem about MySQL changing precedence of certain operations, so that 'p' is unknown at that point (search this forum for 1054). That might be a fairly simple Band-Aid fix you could do (it was years ago... I don't remember the particulars). Anyway, I agree with Jack that you're wasting your time trying to patch up such an old version of osC to work with (more) current MySQL (and PHP) versions. You'd be much better off biting the bullet and moving to osC "Frozen". Unfortunately, if you have a lot of code customization, you'll have quite a bit of work ahead of you, but in the long run it will be worth it. Converting even an ancient osC database to run on Frozen isn't a terrible amount of work, but you will then have a vanilla shop.
  24. MrPhil

    Removing fake customers

    Well, the idea is that if the spammer knows that you will be previewing their mailings and weeding out spam (for a while, anyway), hopefully they won't sign up in the first place.
  25. MrPhil

    Removing fake customers

    Fake accounts are usually opened for the purpose of either spamming you, or using the store as a platform for spamming others via tell-a-friend, messaging, etc. Thus, it is good to keep them under control. I don't know if removing a country from the list will do any good -- they'll simply pick another country. In the (presumably made up?) example, they would just pick some other random country than Angola. That would be like playing whack-a-mole until you're down to one last country. I suppose you could do something to publish a list of countries you will (or won't) sell to, and silently automatically trash any account signed up for the banned countries. The fake account will simply vanish into the memory hole. Something more productive might be to put new accounts' outputs (tell-a-friend, etc.) on preview of some sort, where nothing actually goes out until you've reviewed it. That's more work for you, of course. To avoid running afoul of privacy laws, you'd probably have to tell the "customer" that you're reading their posts and mailings, and even then, there might be trouble. However, it might be enough to discourage those looking to abuse your system (unless you simply turn off t-a-f etc.). Forums and blogs face the same problem. If you can't stop them at the border (CAPTCHAs, etc. on signup to stop bots), you have to monitor what they're outputting to others and clamp down if they appear to be abusive. At least, on a forum or blog posting no one can claim a right to privacy in their communications. Almost anything you can do to stop spamming is going to create more work for you or more work for a real customer. Welcome to the Real World. Can tell-a-friend, etc. be disabled until a customer has purchased something? Can tell-a-friend mailings be checked that they have a legitimate link to one of your products or categories, otherwise they're silently trashed? Just some ideas.