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  1. Thank you for this great addon! Everything works fine, except... I don't see the <=== ==> symbols. So I can't see relations between products. What am I doing wrong?
  2. eprom

    Sort Products By Dropdown Add on

    Hi Sue, when I use your code I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in ..../index.php on line 341 Any tips to solve this?
  3. Hi Sam, What an amazing add-on you have made! Lots of enhancements in 1 package. However I have a webshop running for a few years now with a lot of changes in layout I made over the years, so my question is this; do you have a simple solution to get a dropdown menu to let customers sort products by price, name or newly added products? Maybe I can use only a part of your contri? (because I don't want to risk losing the changes i've made by installing your complete package) Thank you in advance, Berry
  4. I just found out that the language files in 2.0.4. do not match the php files! If you use an old language file (I used a 1.2 version) all the table heading text will work.
  5. I have the excact same problem! I did the complete install again, reran the SQL and uploaded all the files again, but still no luck. Can anybody help? btw the contribution works just fine otherwise.