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  1. hi, The dialog login/checkout box position does not going to stay put if Im using different resolution or browser size/resize. Is there any way that I can make it permanent fix position? help or pointers much appreciated
  2. Hmmmm.. how or where exactly can I change the position of the dialog/window.. I managed to position it vertically but not horizontally...and how can I locked the dialog box to stay in place whenever the browser window is resizing..
  3. Nice one! u iz awesome! :)
  4. I just realized something.. there is no shipping section on my page so no shipping method. Do i need to enable 1 of the shipping method in order to prceed with the checkout? Right now My shop does not need any shipping method it's all going to be a free delivery BTW, i did some tweaking on the checkout.php on the function error popup line .on('click', '#processCheckout button', function(){if ($('input[name=payment]:checked').size() == 0) alert('<?php echo ERROR_NO_PAYMENT_MODULE_SELECTED;?>');/*else if ($('#shipping').is(':visible') && $('input[name=shipping]:checked').size() == 0) alert('<?php echo TEXT_CHOOSE_SHIPPING_METHOD;?>');*/else{var str = '{"payment":"'+$('input[name=payment]:checked').val()+'",';$('input[name=payment]:checked').parent().siblings('.confirmation').find('input, select, textarea').each(function(){str = str+'"'+$(this).attr('name')+'":"'+$(this).val()+'",';});var str = str+'"action":"processCheckout"}';$('#processCheckout').parent().load(url +' #processCheckout', $.parseJSON(str), function(){$('#processCheckout button').button();$('form[name=processCheckout]').submit();});}}) I just commented on the line where the checking for the shipping method just to bypass it.. it works with COD but with PayPal standard it just redirect you to blank https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr It's like it does not send any data to paypal
  5. hello... This is one great contribution! I've managed to setup the cart,did some css adjusting on the color and all work OK until I click the 'Confirm Order' button. A pop up window appeared with ' Please select the preferred shipping method....' message. Im testing it with Paypal Standard and Cash On Delivery payment and yes it is already selected. Any idea or help?
  6. matrism

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Hi all, Anyone able to make it work with One Page checkout? right now I am able to include the discount field and also the ajax validation. it works. Can someone point me or help how to trigger the java to load the discount into the Order total. please.