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  1. There are so many versions and fixes to sift through in the CCGV contrib. Which ones do I need that specifically have all of the paypal IPN fixes (osc's version)? Thanks, D
  2. daniemuse

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I love the IPN module. It has made my life so much easier... except for this one thing. It seems that PayPal and the PayPal module aren't speaking to each other in that any preferences that I set for receiveing website payments on the PayPal website are not reflected when I test my oscommerce site. For instance, I have my preferences set to not ask for a telephone number and Auto Return on. But when I test my site (using a live account) as a non PayPal customer, it asks for my telephone and makes return to my site optional. Also, PayPal has put a little prompt on my account saying that I need to integrate web payments to use on my site. I called their help line and they said it has to do with OsC, but the module works fine, it just doesn't utilize my preferences. Any idea on how to fix this? D
  3. Hi, First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I thought I was going crazy because no one could answer my question about how to fix this download problem. Anyway on to my question... I did everything as you said, but I can't find the downloads_controller.sql file so that I can upload it on my phpMyAdmin. Is it because I'm on a mac that it did not show up? I downloaded the contrib again thinking maybe I missed something, but it's nowhere to be found. Help please. D
  4. daniemuse

    PayPal IPN Help!!!!

    Does anyone have any HELPFUL suggestions they can offer me?
  5. daniemuse

    PayPal IPN Help!!!!

    I've posted this several times and no one has responded ever. Once, when I test the paypal IPN module, as I am "paying" for the downloads the browser freezes. No big deal I thought. I'll just start my order over, but when I log in again as the "customer" I already have the download although I haven't paid for it. I thought this is a rare occurrance, BUT, I tested it and then tried to re-enact it, by merely closing the browser once I've gone to PayPal like someone might do if he/she changes their mind about a purchase. Same thing happens: although I haven't paid, I still have the download. Is there any way to prevent this? I'm afraid to put my store online for fear that people will be able to get my downloads (which is all I sell at this point) without paying. Someone please help. I'm at my wits end. D
  6. daniemuse

    PayPal IPN question...

    Everything is working swimmingl with PayPal except this: a couple of times when I was testing PayPal both with sandbox and live, my browser froze in the middle of me completing the necessary steps with PayPal. So I force quit the program and log back in as the fake customer... upon login I am taken to my account page that now has an order history and ability to download the MP3, but the payment had not been received. Is there a way for me to prevent this? I tried changing the order status to pending and/or processing instead of delivered, but it didn't work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. D
  7. daniemuse

    PayPal IPN

    ipowerweb (my webhosting co.) has an option when I install oscommerce on my site to make it secure. So all my pages are already secured with the ipower shared SSL. Does that change the way I follow the directions for the PayPal IPN installation? Do I need to get the public certificate from ipower or can I still do the openssl thing? do i need to reinstall the store "unsecured"? Thanks for any help
  8. daniemuse

    PayPal Help

    There are so many threads about PayPal and different contributions, I don't know where to begin. My problem is that checkout takes me to PayPal and everything works out until I click "return to merchant". Then it doesn't show that the "customer" has paid for anything. When I log back in as this fictional customer, it takes me back to checkout again, showing the same item in my basket. The items I'm currently selling are downloads.... which I haven't even got to test because it doesn't show that I paid. I'm frustrated and don't know where to begin in terms of installing a contribution that might alleviate my problem. I just used the PayPal module that comes with oscommerce. Can anyone offer some advice/lead me in the direction of a good contribution. Thanks. D
  9. daniemuse

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Okay, I've partially restored my site. Here is the link: https://host283.ipowerweb.com/~alldanie/new...cbade4777682815 I checked the page using another browser and the buttons were all uniform. I usually use Safari which was where I was seeing the problem. In Firefox, everything's cool. Let me know if you can help. And thanks for all your help already! D
  10. daniemuse

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I did something funky to my site and it's down at the moment, but as soon as I get it up, I'll get back to you with the links. Thanks for your prompt response. D
  11. daniemuse

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Thanks for the info, but I feel like I didn't ask my question properly. I want to use the CSS Buttons. I feel like they would definitely make my life easier. My problem is that I need them to look the SAME. Some of the CSS Buttons look boxy and the other CSS Buttons look like regular buttons. I've tried altering the stylesheet, but it only affects the boxy buttons. Is there anyway to get them all to look the same? I'm really trying to avoid actually having to make buttons. Thanks again. D
  12. daniemuse

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Thank you for this. It did the trick. I'm only having one problem now... and that is with the CSS buttons. On any given page, one button shows up as what appears to be a graphic, but then the others show up as these plain boxy CSS "table" type buttons. I was poking around the html_output files from the package and I noticed a similarity: the buttons that submit a form show up as the cool "graphic", but the buttons that just redirect the customer to another page show up as the "table" type buttons. Can you help me get them all to look like the "graphic"? Or if there's no way to do that, what I need to do to go back to using actual graphics (.gif, etc.). Thanks D