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  1. hello, I have 2 issues with the title tag : 1. it always starts with the seperator, but I want it to start with my store.name 2. when I enable kiss-caching a wrong product is mentioned in the title (tag). Can you give me directives please ? http://demunckenzoon.be/oscommerce/product_info.php/products_id/4663 Thanks, woef. ps. great contrib !
  2. woef

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    hello, Love this contrib ! So much, I would like to have something extra in it :rolleyes: How can I add the Specials from my shop to the body of this email ? Or the "what's new" products. Thank you ! Greetings, Wim.
  3. Hi all, I want to know how to calculate easy discount on "product name/id" or "product category". example : <?php include_once(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS.'easy_discount.php'); $easy_discount->reset(); if (($promo_code=='special') or ($promo_code=='SPECIAL')) { $easy_discount->reset(); $products = $cart->get_products(); $n=sizeof($products); for ($i=0; $i<$n; $i++) { if ($products[$i]['name'][0] ="L") { $easy_discount->set($products[$i]['id'],'Bulk Discount '.$products[$i]['name'],$products[$i]['price']*$products[$i]['quantity']*0.1); } else {$easy_discount->clear($products[$i]['id']);} } Who can help me solve this ? Greetz, Wim.
  4. Hi, How can I force a discount for new members (of my mailinglist) ? The discount is only once usable. Mailinglistmembers are not all shopmembers. I also have PWA installed so the "first customers trick" won't work, I suppose. I think I've to implement it in application_top.php. Greetz, Woef.