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  1. Hi all! Is there a way to inlcude the category keywords in to the pruduct keywords tag? Example: The category tag contains: "Car, cars, auto" The product tag contains: "Ford, mustang" I would like the product tag to contain "Ford, mustang, cars, car, auto" Is this possible in any way? Thanks!
  2. Hi all! First (its getting old, i know), many thumbsup for Chemo's Ultimate SEO URLs! I'll be sure to paypal you ;) Second, I have a little problem. Everything works like a charm except for the Manufacturers list. It doesn't work correctly. The items on the list are redirected to the advandced search.php wich then tells me i have to at least specify one fiels in the form. This is a link produced by the list: http://www.mysite.coml/catalog/advanced_se...facturers_id=19 I've tried to use the rewritten link like this: http://www.mysite.com/index.php?mName=samsung This also doesn't work. It just refresses the index.php. I've looked trough the forum and found the solution for that. But here another problem rises: I'm using the Ultimate SEO URLs version 2.0c. This is because i'm hosted on an IIS Windows. And the manual said that this was the latest version that supported de IIS rewrite. So the option to "Enable automated redirect?" is not there. So, two problems. Wich may or may not connect to eachother, i don't now. Who can help me? I will post codes if needed, but as for now i do not have a clue where to find the faulty code. Hope you can help! Dustin
  3. Hi all, I'm lookin for a good collapsable menu with a little plus or minus in front of it. Does anyone know a good one? (perhaps the one that you use?) Dustin