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  1. Hi Glen, Thanks for the fast reply mate. :) Yeah I thought the session encryption would be the issue, we actually have our own server, so we can do pretty much what we want, but with saying that security is very important. I was talking to someone today and they said because we are the only ones with access to the server, session encryption is not really needed, what are your thoughts on this? Thanks again for the fast reply.
  2. Hey Everyone, First off thanks for the great contrib. ;) We just installed it but have the Suhosin patch running so we can't see carts like other people have talked about. Is this related to the fact that the session data is now encrypted in the database? That's the only thing I could see different from the server we have not running Suhosin where it works. I noticed in an earlier version for a bug they said to do the below which looks like it stops the session encryption, would doing the below to Suhosin.ini get us carts showing up? configure suhosin.ini file by adding one line "suhosin.session.encrypt=0" If not, is this something that might not be possible to get working if Suhosin is installed, or more than likely it will be fixed in the next release? Thanks in advance for any replies, we really need to be able to see active carts.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been trying to work this problem out for months with no success, really hope someone here might be able to enlighten me if this can never be fixed, or if there is some way to fix it. My problem is 301 redirects from SEO URLs to SEO URLs. It’s the problem that SEO url will allow two SEO urls to exist at the same time. Below is an example of what I mean, and what it looks like if I do a htaccess 301 re-direct. Old URL wiikey-xenowii-p-196.html New URL wiikey-mod-chip-p-196.html SEO url does not have redirects for that old url and allows both to exist at one time, and when I do a manual 301 redirect from that old url to the new one, this is what it looks like. New URL after being redirected from the old url with htaccess 301 wiikey-mod-chip-p-196.html?product_id=196 As you can see this creates a duplicate content problem right away. I can't redirect any of the older SEO urls to new ones as it drops the ?product_id=196 onto the url. Really hope someone out there knows what might be the problem, it's starting to drive me nuts. :)
  4. Hey Everyone, Really hoped I would be able to get some advice on a problem im having with Google and Ultimate SEO urls. I have been using v2.0b for a few years now and everything was working fine. While doing some SEO work on my site I ran into the problem below with changing urls that have already been indexed by spiders. I was under the impression the 301 redirect script in Ultimate SEO was also meant to re-direct from older SEO Url's to the new ones, but it only seems to re-direct from original OSC urls. Is that right? If I have changed a products name it will generate a new url, but for some reason the spiders see this as dupe content and drop that product into the Supplemental index. I have managed to get a couple of them out of the Supplemental index, but its still only referring to the original SEO url and not the new one. The new url will be left as a dupe in the Supplemental index. Now I came to the conclusion the best way around this would be to use htaccess 301 redirects to the new url, below is an example. Redirect 301 /catalog/lcd-projector-new-p-180.html This would have worked great if it was not for the fact that for some reason I am getting ?product_id=180 at the end of the url from the redirect. If I enter the old url into a browser with the redirect inplace: This below is what will actually appear in the browser after the redirect: This kind of defeats the purpose of the SEO URL if im getting product id's after the url. Would any of you have an idea how I could stop Ultimate SEO from adding the product_id to the url from a htaccess 301 redirect? I tested this out with another host of mine using some kind of server based 301 re-direct and it worked fine. But my main site is kind of stuck on a host that only allows for htaccess redirects. Any advice on this would be much appreciated. :) Dave