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    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Gday PopTheTop, Great Contribution, i can see it has come a long way from when its started... I have a couple of questions since i've installed it. The acccount_history_info.php page seems to have distorted the templates right hand side infoboxes. Is there a reason for this somewhere? If you log in as a customer you can see it. The site's not officially live yet so feel free to place an order and put in the comments testing so you can see it. The site is http://marketplace.rcsystems.com.au Also, is there a way I can change the white backgrounds as you will see to match the color scheme of the site? Maybe the print_invoice ??? screen can be all white (it'll be cool if u can tell me how to to do that as well) Your help is appreciated Cheers, Ray.