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  1. Hi, Does anyone have this problem? I have several items on special right now and seems like, each time a customer adds another product which is also on buy x get 1 free... it keeps adding other products... www.thecuvee.com - as you see..there are several bugs Try ordering some of the buy 2 get 1 free products Order these items : try to put in the cart 2 items of each: http://www.thecuvee.com/product_info.php/c...products_id/343 http://www.thecuvee.com/product_info.php/c...products_id/230 After putting these products in the cart... it keeps adding other items... same thing happens to other products on special... funny thing is... works fine if you only buy 1 item I wonder if there's any fixes for this. You can also email me at al@thecuvee.com Anyone wanna take a crack?
  2. alwebt

    Tons of Free Templates

    Can you send me the link?
  3. alwebt


    Been using this contrib for quite sometime now, until lately...I found some bug in the contrib, such as the coupon sometimes coming up the wrong amount. For example, I have a coupon code designated for $10.00 off , but when the customers enters the code...its coming up something weird number such as $46.81... or a $5.00 coupon is coming up $4.81.. Any fix for it? My site is: www.thecuvee.com If you have any fixes...please post...here...really appreciate it. Al SEE BELOW:
  4. I installed this contribution, but it seems the formatting on the checkout screens get screwed up...Help...any suggestions?
  5. HELP: I have tried different coupons contributions unfortunately, I keep to continue getting errors.. I'm looking for anyone who can install any of the coupon contribution that actually works. I'm willing to pay for someone to install it and that works properly. Anyone can reach me at al@pobleteonline.com or simply call me at 716-504-1554.
  6. alwebt

    [contribution] CustomerDiscount

    I downloaded the contrib...however..will this work with earlier version of OSCommerce?