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  1. More to the story....I just installed a test install and the "Payments/Modules" page is correct (has a right hand column with a 'Install Module' button. When I installed the Paypal Advanced module it adds the Paypal items to the list on the "Payments/Modules" page but it edits the page somehow and removes the right hand column where the 'Install Module' button is. Now what? I guess the module.php needs to be edited. I'm not a php coder but if I knew what to look for I could edit it. Thanks, Frank
  2. In the other modules where they are listed there is a 'Install Module' in a column to right of the little 'info' icon but on my 'Payment Module' there is nothing to the right of the 'info' icon. It's like there's some code someplace that is missing or messed up.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Something must be amiss with my system or install, I have no 'Install Module' button in hte upper right of my screen. Either that or I'm doing something really wrong. All I have is a 'Back' button. ????
  4. I'm having the same issue. I have copied the files and checked multiple times that they are in the proper directories as shown above and on the install instructions. This has me very confused and frustrated. I am not seeing anything but the defaulted items in my Modules/Payments. When I click on the 'Install Modules (46)' button, I can see the Paypal items there but nothing happens when I click on it. I have attached screen shots of both pages so you can see what I've got. One thing that is strange is in the install modules page there is no column on the right side for any install options like there are on the other install module pages. Is something messed up here? How do I install these modules? All and any help is appreciated, Frank
  5. I'm looking into using osCommerce and there are several contributions that I would like to use but I don't seem to be able find anything on how to install a contribution feature. Would someone please provide some assistance onn how to do it or where to find documentation? Thanks, Frank